Hengesbach Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201

Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201
                                 Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201

The KERAMESS pressure transmitters are suitable for taking pressure and filling level measurements in pipelines and containers. The wide range of process connections enables use in all applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The vacuum-proof and extremely overload safe measuring cell with a ceramic membrane made of highly pure aluminium oxide works on the basis of the capacitive measuring principle.

All the pressure transmitters in series 200/201 are highly precise and have been developed for difficult tank content measurements and, in particular, for applications with constantly high temperatures of up to 200°C. In addition to the features of the 200/201 series, the pressure transmitters in the 200H/201H series boast an integrated HART® modem. This also enables remote configuration and evaluation of the transmitters using the HART® protocol.


  • high precision ≤ ± 0,05% FS, turn down 10, vacuum safe
  • optional with HART®-protocol
  • with dry ceramic measuring cell
  • tank linearisation for standard tank shapes and special designs thanks to volumetric measurement
  • diagnosis function for monitoring of devices
  • copying of device parameters with easy transfer
  • integrated on-site display or external OPUSi display and operating module for parametrisation and display of measuring values
  • highly precise measurement of the content and process pressure with small measuring ranges with overload-safe ceramic measuring cell

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General details

Device type / measuring principle KS 200/201/200H/201H: capacitive


Measuring ranges KS 200/201/200H/201H
Standard nominal measuring ranges [bar] relative OP relative OP absolute
OP = overload protection [bar] 0.05 4 40 60 0.1
0.1 4 70 105 0.2
±0.1 4 -1…1 10 0.4
0.2 6 -1…2 18 1
0.4 6 -1…4 25 2
Special measuring ranges are 1 10 -1…10 40 4
2 18 -1…20 40 10
4 25 -1…40 60 20
All measuring cells are vacuum-proof
10 40 -1…70 105 40
20 40 70
Setting the measuring ranges Via the keypad of the OPUSi display and operating module / via the integrated on-site display
Optional: via HART®
Setting ranges Start the measuring zero: 0…90% of the sensor’s nominal measuring span
Measuring span span: 10…100%  of the sensor’s nominal measuring span
Burst pressure DIN16086 ≥ 4-fold measuring range


Output signal 2-wire:   4…20mA with a test circuit connection in the device
Optional: 4…20mA HART®
Fault signal Optional: 3.8mA, 22mA, hold (i.e. holding the last value)
Current limitation 3.85mA and 21.5mA (normal operation)
Integration time Continuously selectable between 0 and 300s (setting time after a pressure leap)

Measuring accuracy

Reference conditions acc. to DIN IEC 770
Linearity, hysteresis and repeatability as per the limit point method DIN IEC 770 ≤ ± 0.05% of the sensor’s nominal measuring range
Activation time < 5s (the device will carry out a self-test.)
Setting time (without damping) < 200ms
Long-time drift ≤ 0.2% of the span per year
Thermal hysteresis ≤ ± 0.75% beginning of the measuring range / ≤ ± 0.8% end of the measuring range

Conditions of use

Installation position / calibration position Any position / standing vertically (position-dependent zero point displacement)
Medium temperature T1: -40 to +125°C (140°C over one hour at the most)
Ambient storage temperature Type 201/201H: -40…+85°C
Type 200/200H: -30…+75°C
(Below -20°C cable breakage might occur and the display’s function may be impaired.)
Protection class acc. to EN60529 IP 67 and IP 69K
Electromagnetic compatibility Sensitivity against interference: acc. to DIN IEC 61000-6-2
Interference radiation: acc. to DIN IEC 61000-6-4


Electrical connection – Standard: cable screw connection M16x1.5, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel available on request
Process connection – All standard front-mounted process connections and those that are commonly used by the manufacturer
Materials – Field housing / lid: CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
– Housing seal: FPM (Viton®)
– Pressure compensation element: polyamide
– Inspection gauge (type 200/200H): polycarbonate
– Process connection: CrNiSt 1.4404 (316L)
– Process membrane: Al2O3 (99%)
– Locking screw (type 201/201H): CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
– Reference cable: 5-wire with reference tube: PUR (recommended: 80m maximum)

Download Data Sheet: Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201

Ref: hengesbach.com

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