Energoflow GFE-202 and Energoflow GFE-201 Ultrasonic Inline Gas Flow Meters

Energoflow GFE-202 and Energoflow GFE-201 are MID, ATEX, certified state-of-art Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters designed for accurate and reliable measurement of flow velocity, volumetric flow rate and volume of gaseous substances (gases) transported through pipelines in the forward or reverse direction. The flow meters are installed inline and supplied pre-calibrated on-air or natural gas as per the customer’s requirements.

These flow meters can measure the flow velocity V of gas in a pipeline in both directions over a wide range – from 0.1 to 25.0 m/s (under an order, special versions for measuring flow velocities up to 35.0 m/s are available). They can be used for gas pressures as high as 160 bars and ambient temperatures from -60 up-to +70 deg. C.

Besides, the flow meters provide all the traditional advantages of the pulse-time ultrasonic flow measurement technology – no pressure loss, no moving parts, easy servicing, and simplicity of use.

Energoflow GFE-202 and Energoflow GFE-201 can be accessed remotely via PC. Using special software, it is possible to display the following data as per the customer’s choice:

  • Measurement results of direction and speed flow, current flow, progressive total volume;
  • The waveform of the signal passing through the acoustic channel;
  • Configuration options and settings of the flow meter;
  • Clock readings and calendar;
  • Archive data.
The Flow Meters are equipped with a passive generator of the frequency-pulse signal and a built-in imitation method for in-site calibration.
The typical accuracy of these Flow Meters ±0.5% – ±1.0%


Dimension Type Volumetric flow rate
mm Threshold Minimal Transition, Maximal
Qthr Qmin Qt for Energoflow GF 1,00% Qmax
50 G100 00.07 1 8 160
80 G250 01.09 02.07 20 400
100 G400 3 04.02 33 650
150 G1000 7 09.05 80 1 600
200 G1600 12 17 125 2 500
250 G2500 19 26 200 4 000
300 G4000 28 38 325 6 500
400 G6500 47 67 500 10 000
500 G10000 71 100 800 16 000


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