Validyne pressure measurement

Founded in 1968 by Gerald Merritt and Max Kopp, Validyne Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of variable reluctance pressure transducers, pressure sensors, sensor signal conditioning, and data acquisition systems for over fifty years. Validyne’s diverse customer base ranges from automotive and engine manufacturers, to research and development labs, to aerospace and medical industries.

Because manufacturing is done in the USA, we are able to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of many different pressure measurement markets. Validyne’s team of talented engineers works with both small and large users to design products that meet our customer’s exact specifications. This attention to detail and focus on timely customer response enabled Validyne to build a reputation for durable, rugged, long lasting, well-supported, highly reliable products.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality instrumentation products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations while creating a professional and ethical environment for our employees, customers and vendors. We hope to stand out above the rest and be known as your source for reliable pressure sensors.

Pressure Measurement

  • Remote Pressure Sensors
  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Pressure Indicators

Data Acquisition

  • Universal Data Acquisition System(UDAS/USB2250)
  • UPC2100 Data Acquisition PCI Card
  • USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface
  • Vehicle Data Acquisition System(VDAS)
  • Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System (VPAS)

Signal Conditioning

  • CD16 Single-Channel DC Powered Carrier Demodulator
  • CD17 Single-Channel USB Carrier Demodulator
  • CD15 General Purpose Basic Carrier Demodulator
  • CD23/223 Carrier Demodulator with LED Display
  • CD280 Multi-Channel Carrier Demodulator
  • CD379 Portable Carrier Demodulator with Digital Display
  • SU63 Speed Pick-up


  • Easy Sense Software
  • SI58 ReCalibration and Post Calibration Software
  • USB-COM Data Logger


  • 11264 Cable
  • 12455 Extender Cable
  • 12457 Cable
  • 1280-1002 Mating Electrical Connector
  • O-Rings, Bolts and Gaskets
  • Validyne Sensor Replacement Diaphragms

Other Products

Pressure Sensors and Transducers

Nuclear Data Acquisition

  • HD310

Signal Conditioning

  • CD12 High Gain Carrier Demodulator
  • CD101 Circuit Board Carrier Demodulator
  • CD72 Multi-Channel Carrier Demodulator
  • etc.,
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