ASTERO Gearmotors

ASTERO Gearmotors are an essential tool for many drive systems. With unique designs and configurations available, gearmotors can be used to increase torque, reduce speed, reverse direction, or change the push or pull of a driveshaft.

General Descriptions Astero Gearmotors

For over 80 years, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been providing world-class gearmotors, gearboxes, and speed reducers, featuring industry-leading technology with fully integrated premium efficient motors. Our impactful power transmission units come in various shaft configurations such as right angle, concentric and inline.

ASTERO Gearmotors
ASTERO Gearmotors

Compact gearmotor with parallel or right angle shaft configuration.

 ASTERO Gearmotors  Overview

  • Available in either parallel or right angle shaft configurations.
  • The motor and gear head are detachable for easier handling.
  • The gear heads have the same main mating dimensions (corner dimensions / output shaft location and dimensions / mounting holes) for both parallel and right angle shafts.

Technical Info

Output Shaft Hollow shaft, Solid shaft
Output Shaft Direction(s) Any Mounting Direction
Mounting Style Shaft Mount, Flange Mount
Frame Size Parallel Shaft, 5 Sizes
Right Angle Shaft, 3 Sizes
Reduction ratio Parallel Shaft, 3:1 – 200:1
Right Angle Shaft, 5:1 – 240:1
(10:1 ratio intermediate gearhead can be added)
Capacity Parallel Shaft, 6 W – 90 W
Right Angle Shaft, 25 W – 90 W
Motor Types Three phase, single phase, single phase speed control, compatible with global standards

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