ADEL Instruments

ADEL Instruments founded in 1991, ADEL system develops and manufactures industrial linear and switch-mode power supply units and it is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial power supplies, DC UPS, and intelligent battery chargers.

General Information

In this period it grew steadily, quickly acquiring a strong reputation for its high standards of quality and reliable products. Today the ADEL system net sales involve many companies worldwide.

With ADEL Instruments experience and more than 250 models produced for different applications, today we offer a range of power supply units designed to meet the requirements of all applications in the field of industrial automation.

ADEL Instruments research & development, engineering, and marketing teams ensure that we stay number one by making sure that our products consistently meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Adel Instruments Product

ADEL Instruments MR220 Decoupling Module

ADEL MR220 Decoupling Module is a module for connecting to Redundant Power Supplies and DC UPS All-In-One. Read more

SFP544 Safety Power

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power is one of the battery bank products that focus on solutions for power continuity. Read more

ADEL Instruments Monitor & Control

ADEL DPY351 ADELViewgraphic Robust Multifunctional Display
DPY351 ADELView graphic
  • DPY351 ADELViewgraphic the DPY351 ADELViewgraphic is a robust multifunctional display for managing ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. It has high brightness and a wide viewing angle of 3.5’’ TFT-LCD. Read more

ADEL Instruments Industrial Power Supply

ADEL Instruments offers a complete range of industrial power supply units for a whole range of different applications. The wide range of input voltages enables them to operate in any part of the world. UL and CSA type-approved, with a design based on experience gained over the years on more than 240 models, they are DIN Rail mountable, simple and safe, and offer IP20 protection. The range includes FLEX, PSM, and PST power supply units. FLEX units, designed to provide 1, 2, and 3-phase solutions for a sector in constant evolution, are characterized by remarkable flexibility of use that allows them to satisfy the most varied applicative requirements, according to the existing norms. Their concept takes a cue from by now consolidated lines PSM (1- and 2-phase) and PST (3-phase), whose multiple applications testify of their reliability and robustness.

ADEL Instruments
Industrial Power Supply
  • FLEX
    The FLEX range of products is characterized from 1, 2, and 3-phase input up to 500W with a current rating ranging to 25A and power flexibility that reaches 50% of the rated current In. Read more
    Power Supply DFLEX are the best devices for industrial and domestic applications, especially suitable for applications for the automation of buildings. Ideal applications for low profile panel. Read more about DFLEX DFX6024A and DFLEX DFX1524A
  • PFAL
    The PFAL range of single-output power supply units control output currents up to 20A and can guarantee stable output voltage. The entire range, designed for connection to a transformer secondary, enables both serial and parallel connections to be made. Read more about PFAL2410 and PFALVP3

ADEL Instruments Charge & Testing

Those requiring just a system for recharging and maintaining lead batteries charged which do not provide a complex power supply recharging system with back-up modulus will find the CB series a reliable, state-of-the-art solution. This range is used for the same applications as the “CBI – All in One” range, yet solely for recharging.

The CB battery charges a range of microprocessor power supplies that charge the sealed lead battery to optimize performance and durability. Based on switching technology, they obtain a voltage stabilized at the set value, even in the absence of a load. This battery charge at three charge levels and with battery diagnosis revolutionize the application of current products on both civil and industrial installations. Electronic management of the battery maintenance charge, optimal recharges over time.

Like other ADEL SYSTEM products, they are supplied in sturdy containers that can be easily installed thanks to the automatic DIN rail hook. The CB battery chargers, once the batteries are automatically charged according to the multistage principle (fast charging and charging Trickle), which works with quality to prevent any risk of damage, thus using it to leave them permanently changed.

ADEL Instruments
  • CB12245AJ
    CB12245AJ is a charging and testing unit with integrated CANbus-communication functionality. Read more


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