Arenal Slurry Process Control Solution

Arenal PCS Slurry Density Analysers for the mining, dredging, drilling industry, and building materials. The Analyser consists of the process control Analyser and the wafer with its sensors. The wafer is connected between two flanges in such a way that the ceramic sensors are flush-mounted in the mass stream.

General Information

Arenal PCS Slurry Density is the world’s first and only producer of innovative ceramic ultrasonic (non-unclear) spectroscopy and thermal analyzers for the determination of Slurry Density, Specific Gravity, Total Suspended Solids, flow, mass flow, and temperature of abrasive and high concentration slurries.

The ceramic sensor constructions not only provide the best acoustical and thermal physical properties but also provide the highest degree of hardness ensuring optimal abrasive resistance for the high demanding applications in this industry.

Arenal Slurry Density meter adn analyzer
Arenal ultrasonic Slurry Density meter

Arenal PCS Slurry Density Application

  • Arenal PCS Slurry Density Analysers for the Semicon/TFT/LCD industry
  • Slurry Density monitoring by Ceramic Ultrasonic spectroscopy
  • COD+TSS Analysers for sewage and industrial wastewater
  • Analyzers to control the quality of (demineralized) water
  • Drinking-Water Alarm Monitoring and Drinking Water Security
  • HBr, HCl, HF, HI, HNO3 Analyser
  • Oil Density and Oil in Water Monitoring
  • HClO4,  H3PO4. KOH, Analyser
  • River Water Alarm Monitoring
  • Sludge monitoring in WWTP
  • Slurry Density Analyser
  • Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) Concentration Analysers

Although the ceramic ultrasonic and thermal sensors of Arenal PCS can be applied in any liquid in the world, it is mainly designed for abrasive slurries and pastes, which can be found in Mineral and Metal processing plants, dredging, and tunneling.

Arenal is actively involved in industrial slurries, like in CMP, pigment and catalysts slurries and battery pastes, and potato starch slurries. The optimal slurry for measuring density, flow, and mass flow is a homogeneous turbulent slurry in a pipe or vessel, with a large concentration of particles below 1 mm.

Ref: Arenal – Process Control & Monitoring Solutions

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