CalFlo™ CFSG Flow and Temperature Thermal Mass, Flocorp-Flow Switch

CalFlo™ CFSG Flow and Temperature Thermal Mass Switch
CalFlo™ CFSG Flow and Temperature Thermal Mass Switch

Featuring single and dual alarm applications, adjustable flow, temperature and flow, air flow, and inline flow, FLO-CORP can provide the appropriate switch for your application. Our switches do not interfere with flow meter accuracy and many can be field adjusted. Plus, when electronics isolation and fail-safe compact relay control are a must-have, we can supply that as well.

The CalFlo series of calorimetric flow switches offers units with several features including temperature & flow, compact relay control, strobe alert, adjustable flow, compact air flow, inline air flow and more. The wide variety of options available enable us to provide the right unit for your specific application. If you need help selecting the correct flow switch, our team is happy to assist in the selection process.

Offered in general purpose and hazardous proof configurations, this compact flow switch is a great choice for monitoring a diverse range of liquid applications. The CalFlo™ CFSG will monitor flow and temperature to protect equipment and process from high temperatures and no-flow conditions. The CFSG has NO moving parts and is a reliable alternative to failure prone mechanical flow switches. The short sensor is intended for use in pipe sizes ½” to 1 ½” in diameter and the long sensor is recommended for pipe sizes 2” and up.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact electronic unit with NO moving parts
  • Offered in general purpose and hazardous proof configurations
  • No adjustment or calibration needed
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fail safe normally open switch
  • Easy to install
  • Broadly selected for low or no-flow applications


Service Compatible Liquids
Flow Set Point 1.2 fps (.4 mps) (water related)
Temp Set Point 122º F (55º C) or 158º F (70º C)

Medium Temperature

F: -4º to 176º C: -20º to 80º
Response Time < 30 seconds
Repeatability ± 1/2% of set point
Hysteresis < 30% of set point
Pressure 150 psi (10 bar)

Sensor Rating

CFSG-1: NEMA 6 (IP67) CFSG-2: NEMA 7
Sensor Material 303 Stainless Steel
Process Connection 1/2” NPT
Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC
Switching Current ± 200 mA
Consumption 4 W maximum
Initial Operation After 15 seconds
Transistor Output PNP N.O. (Switch closed with flow)
Cable (CFSG-1 Only)
Cable Jacket Material PVC
Cable Type 4-conductor, #22 AWG
Cable Length 6.5’ (2m)

Download Datasheet: CalFlo™ CFSG Flow and Temperature Thermal Mass Switch