Cressall Resistors

Cressall manufactures one of the widest ranges of electrical power resistors in the world for applications such as dynamic braking for industrial drives and the traction industry, neutral earthing for MV transformer and generator protection, as well as harmonic filters, motor starters and a range of portable load banks for on-site load testing.

General Information

A much slimmed down Cressall was purchased by the Halma Group in 1990. Halma revived Cressall’s fortunes and in 1993 the company moved to Leicester. New products followed; neutral earthing resistors, portable load banks and standard dynamic braking resistors along with fresh investment in new machinery for mesh expanding, edge winding, wire coiling and a complete sheet metal fabrication plant.
Such was Cressall’s success that they quickly went on to acquire the GEC Rugby, H A Birch and Eaton Cutler-Hammer resistor businesses, extending still further their range of resistor technologies. Incorporating GEC’s edge wound coils and Cutler-Hammer’s traction resistor expertise meant Cressall became by far the most important power resistor manufacturer in the UK.
Cressall Resistors Productss
Cressall Resistors Productss

In 2006 Telema SpA purchased a thriving Cressall and since then Cressall has benefitted from being an important part of the world’s leading power resistor group. Benefits that we pass on to our customers. An example is the revolutionary EV2 braking resistor.

Developed by Cressall using new materials and new manufacturing processes, it has reduced the footprint and increased the capacity of dynamic braking resistors and, in the process, opened up new applications for the twenty-first century.

Cressall Resistors have built an unrivalled reputation for advanced design and manufacturing excellence. Which is why our resistors are used around the world for the most demanding applications.
  • Neutral earthing resistors for HV, MV and LV electrical systems
  • Dynamic braking resistors for inverters and motors
  • Portable load banks for testing batteries, generators and UPS systems
  • Resistors for renewable energy applications
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle braking and heating
  • Load banks for testing diesel generators and gas turbines
  • Pre-insertion resistors to reduce inrush currents on HV and MV networks
  • Braking resistors, control resistors and trackside resistors for rail traction applications
  • High voltage filter resistors used in HVDC, VSC, and within SVC and MSCDN damping networks

Cressall Resistors Products

  • Neutral Earthing
  • Load Banks
  • Dynamic Braking
  • EV Advanced Resistors
  • Pre Insertion Resistors
  • Surge Suppressors
  • HV Filters

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