MPM489WZ1, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

MPM489WZ1, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter
MPM489WZ1, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

MPM489WZ1 is a Φ19mm diameter fully sealed submersible level transmitter based on the diffused-silicone principle. It consists of a highly stable and reliable piezoresistive pressure sensing element and the special PCB component as well as the stainless steel housing. Its integrated construction and standardized signal output greatly facilitate the operation and automation control at work sites. The special vented cable being hermetically connected with the transmitter housing allows the transmitter for long term use in the liquids that are compatible with the transmitter construction material.

MPM489WZ1 Level Transmitter is with compact size, lightweight and good long term stability. It is suitable for liquid level measurement and control for fields of medicine, metallurgy, power plants, mining, urban water supply and drainage, hydrology exploration etc.


  • Integrated structure and adjustment free;
  • IP68 Protection (sensor housing), and IP65 for connection box casing;
  • Cost-effective, reliable and high long- term stability;
  • Compact size: Φ19


  1. Please be sure the measured media is compatible with contacting material; please note the media density in the measurement (except water);
  2. If the product is installed in the thunderstorm area, we suggest to install the lightning-proof protection device to protect the transmitter. Please be sure good grounding as well;
  3. If the user has special requirement, please feel free to contact our

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Pressure Range 10m, 20m, 50m, 100m, 200m H2O
Overpressure 1.5 times FS
Accuracy ±0.5%FS
Stability error Range>20mH2O, ±0.2%FS/year; Range≤20mH2O, 20mmH2O
Temperature error ±0.02%FS/℃ (Zero) ±0.05%FS/℃ (Span)
Operation temp. -10℃ ~70℃
Storage Temp. -20℃ ~85℃
Power Supply 11V~28V DC
Output Signal 4mA~20mA DC (2-wire)
Load (Ω) < (U-11)/0.02
Protection IP68 (sensor part)    IP65 (connection box)



Wetted material

Housing: 1Cr18Ni9Ti Sealing O-ring: Viton
Diaphragm: SS 316L Cable: Φ7.5mm PE

cable with vented tube

Cap: Black nylon Rubber casing: Chloroprene Rubber


Download Datasheet: MPM489WZ1, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter