Peco Facet

PECO Facet, created through the merger of Perry Equipment Corporation with CLARCOR’s Facet companies is a world leader in providing the most advanced vessel and element filtration products and services in the oil and gas natural resource industries.

General Information

PECO Facet specializes in process filtration products which are used in numerous stringent liquid and gas applications where high quality, engineered products are required.

Since 1973, Filter Equipment Co., Inc has been providing all major brands and manufacturers of filters for commercial end users. We offer cost effective alternatives through our extensive manufacturing partnerships, and provide filtering solutions for companies of all sizes: from small, local companies to national accounts.

PECO Facet manufacture bag filtration and distribute quality filtration systems including self-cleaning filters. Our filters are used in pharmaceutical, food, power generation, commercial water, commercial waste, air filtration and specialty gases applications. We are dedicated to helping you, whether you need a customized solution or a quick “off-the-shelf” application.

PECO Facet Products

Air Filters

Dust Pro

Ideal for industrial equipment cooling and fuel air applications, DustPro panels lead the industry in efficiency and dirt holding capacity. All models utilize pleated cellulose filter media, providing superior application flexibility. Manufactured with heavy duty corrosion resistant steel frames, DustPro panels withstand vibration and the heavy work load generated by industrial air cooled and air fueled equipment.


Designed for installation in PECO Series 30 inline gas filter vessels, GritGard elements remove dust, scale, rust, sand and other particulates from small volume air and gas streams. Featuring your choice of durable synthetic or economical cellulose filter media, GritGard elements offer flexibility to meet your application needs. Synthetic media offers a high level of protection against erosive contaminants, provides longer service life and performs with absolute efficiency. Cellulose media offers nominal efficiency at an economical price. All models are configured with a single open end and robust compression spring ensuring a tight seal that won’t bypass contaminant.


Designed for installation in PECO Series 30F inline gas filter vessels, PleatGard elements  remove dust, scale, rust, sand and other particulates from air and gas streams. Durable, highly efficient, synthetic filter media and corrosion resistant hardware ensure that PleatGard elements stand up to the toughest application needs. The basket style configuration provides for easy installation and removal while isolating contaminants and preventing spillage into the vessel during removal of spent elements. A chevron gasket provides a positive seal that gets tighter as the elements get dirtier. This prevents seal breaches at high differential pressure.

Bag Filters

DynaClear F

Dyna-Clear F series high capacity filter bags provide consistent filtration of fluids in a wide variety of applications. The random interlocking of microdenier felt fibers provides efficient depth filtration at increased flow rates. Best utilized in process streams with contaminants of a broad particle size distribution or where gels are present. Rigid internal quality control standards help to assure consistent and repeatable filtration performance over time. Optional surface treatments are offered to reduce fiber migration and enhance filtration performance. An all thermally welded polypropylene felt bag is available for higher purity applications. Dyna-Clear series filter bags are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit most bag filter vessels.

DynaClear M

Dyna-Clear M filter bags are constructed with a proprietary range of woven filter media in two fiber grades: multifilament and monofilament. Dyna-Clear multifilament bags are manufactured from fiber strands consisting of thousands of micro-denier interwoven fibers. The result is an economical filter bag that provides consistent filtration performance. Monofilament filter bags provide an exceptional degree of uniformity and mechanical strength. The filter media is manufactured into a mesh in which each strand is a single fiber. The fibers are woven into a precise pattern and thermally bonded to enhance mechanical strength. As a result of their construction, Dyna-Clear M filter bags are ideally suited for filtration applications that require sharp particle cut-offs for the sieving or classification of hard particles.

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CarboMax Carbon Cartridges

All CarboMax canisters contain 100% virgin granular activated carbon made from coal that undergoes a high temperature steam activation process under stringent quality control. This process maximizes the adsorption sites for both high and low molecular weight impurities. Tests have proven that CarboMax removes nearly four times the contaminant than that of our primary competitors’ carbon. CarboMax weighs less, making it easier to handle the canisters.

Fuel Filtration

Fuel-Gard EL 1583 Monitor Cartridges

Each FG Series Fuel-Gard® monitor cartridge is constructed of various water absorbent media, plus fine filtration layers pleated to give you long life. The perforated metal center tube provides for balanced flow and structural strength. The center tube supports both the pleated section and absorbent media when hit with a localized slug of water. The outer shell retains the media during and after shutdown.

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The PECO FUELSAFE, featuring PEACH™ element technology, removes moisture and wear particles such as pipe scale, rust, and dirt. With a rugged cast head design and unibody shell, the FUELSAFE vessel is designed for years of trouble-free service. The FUELSAFE also provides design versatility. It is compatible for use with natural gas, propane, methane and diesel.

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