USA-BOPS Hydril and Continental Emsco

USA-BOPS, LLC was founded in the spring of 2009 and is owned and operated by Larry Grigsby and Bob Cox. Together, we have over 60 years of combined experience with Hydril’s Tubular Division, Cameron Drilling Systems, Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties, and Townsend BOPs.

General Information

USA-BOPS fully versed in providing quality parts and service to the oil and gas industry. USA-BOPS maintains a complete inventory of quality BOP replacement parts including Type 61, 64, 70 and 75 Shaffer style Ram Rubbers, Ram Blocks, and Ram Carriers. We stock Ram Rubbers for Cameron Type U and Hydril Type V and X style blowout preventers for sizes 7-1/16 through 13-5/8. We also stock Shaffer style 7-1/16, 11, and 13-5/8 Variable Bore Ram Rubbers (VBR) for immediate delivery.

USA-BOPS offers ram shafts, locking screws, retractor screws, door bolts, hinge pins and pistons manufactured to OEM specifications. Whether you are looking for a simple ram rubber, door seal, or trying to locate a copper side plug gasket for a Type 39, we can provide all your BOP needs.

Over the past few years, we have put together suppliers for your BOP requirements as well as Accumulators. USA-BOPS is proud to have been selected as the very first independent representative for WestCoast B.O.P. Products, Inc. We are their stocking agent for Oklahoma, Kansas, North Texas, Texas panhandle, and Arkansas. However, our territory is unlimited.

USA-BOPS Product Line
USA-BOPS Product Line

USA provides replacement packing elements to fit both Hydril GK Preventers and Shaffer Spherical preventers. Both styles are available in natural rubber compound for colder climates or water based drilling fluids and synthetic material for more caustic fluids. USA’s replacement seals for both of these preventers are available either as a complete kits or individually. All seals meet or exceed OEM specifications.

USA also represents / stocks PneuGrip Clutches. We keep 14” to 32” CB clutches in stock as well as miscellaneous parts. Other sixes and styles of clutches are still available, usually overnight.

USA-BOPS offers a complete product line of Hydril and Continental Emsco style Pulsations Dampeners. We stock both ten and twenty gallon capacities as well as the standard Nitrile compound and the Urethane for extra durability in caustic mud. Each Diaphragm is precision molded using high quality compounds.

Look to USA-BOPS for all your Pulsation Dampener needs including Stabilizer Plates, Stabilizers Rubbers, Stabilizer Screws/Washers, Charging Valves, Gauges and Bottom Screens.

USA-BOPS Main Products

  • Shaffer Products
  • Cameron Products
  • Hydril Products
  • Derrick Climbers
  • Emsco Products
  • Townsend/WSI
  • Accumulator Parts
  • Check Valve Parts
  • Pneu Grip Clutches
  • Flange Data
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