Hydac ST1 Series Valve Divider
hydraulic valve

Hydac ST1 Series Flow Divider/Combiner

The flow divider ST1 Series is a spool valve for pressure-independent flow rate distribution in fix ratio. In reverse direction the valve becomes a flow combiner.

Directional servo-valves 4WS2EM 10…XH Rexroth
Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Directional servo-valves 4WS2EM 10…XH Rexroth

Valves of the type 4WS2EM are electrically operated, 2-stage directional servo valves with porting pattern. They are mainly used to control position, force, pressure or velocity.

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hydraulic valve

Valve Pada sistem Hydraulic

valve hydraulic mempunyai cara kerja yang utama yaitu berfungsi untuk membuka, menutup, mengatur serta engontrol aliran oli hydraulic pada rangkaian sistem hydraulic, solenoil valve

hydraulic pump

PGP/PGM 500 SERIES hydraulic pump

PGP/PGM 500 series gear pumps/motors are an advanced performance version of the international “bushing block” style pumps. PGP/PGM 500 series pumps/motors offer superior performance

hydraulic pump

D/H/HD Parker Series Hydraulic Pumps

A Parker pressure-loaded gear pump consists of two, intermeshing, hardened-steel, precision-ground gear assemblies. These precision gears are enclosed by a high-strength, die-cast aluminum front cover

Delta Elektrogas VMR 60 Safety Solenoid Valve
Control Valves

Fungsi dan Jenis Control Valve

Control valve mempunyai pengertian sebagai valve yang mempunyai fungsi untuk mengatur suatu fluida baik berupa gas, liquid maupun solid yang mengalir dalam pipa maupun hose