Camsco Automatic Light and Lighting Control

Camsco Automatic Light and Lighting Control by Camsco Electric is a manufacturer and supplier of automatic light controller. Camsco provide the best quality automatic lighting controls and photoelectric controllers for customers.

Camsco Automatic Light and Lighting Control

  • Standard lighting: 10~100 Lux
  • Standard unlighting: Below 5 times of lighting
  • Suitable surroundings temperature range: -10c~+ 40c
  • Service lifetime: more than 2000 times
  • Rated frequency: for both 50 Hz/60 Hz

Auto Lighter CA Series


  • Standard turn on light level : ≦10 Lux (under conditions at rated voltage and surroundings temperature 20℃)
  • Standard turn off light level : ≧100 Lux (under conditions at rated voltage and surroundings temperature 20℃)
  • Suitable surroundings temperature range : -10℃~ + 40℃
  • Service lifetime : more than 2,000 times. (Operational condition : rated voltage, surroundings temperature 20℃)
    Maximum operational frequency : 6 Time/Hour
  • Rated frequency : 50Hz/60Hz

Camsco Automatic Light and Lighting Control Specifications

Order code no :

  • CA-22003 (RATING : AC/220V/3A)
  • CA-22006 (RATING : AC/220V/6A)
  • CA-22010N (RATING : AC/220V/10A)
  • CA-22015N (RATING : AC/220V/15A)
  • CA-11003 (RATING : AC/110V/3A)
  • CA-11006 (RATING : AC/110V/6A)
  • CA-11010N (RATING : AC/110V/10A)
  • CA-11015N (RATING : AC/110V/15A)

PHS-06A Photo Electric Controller

Camsco Electric Automatic Light Control & Photo Electric Controller
PHS-06A Photo Electric Controller

PHS-06A Photoelectric Controller With Socket : PHS-06A is designed for automatic light control. It can be used to turn on streetlights at night and turn off at dawn.

Safety Precaution

Any improper use of this product can cause a short circuit, which can damage product itself or even cause a fire.
Please read instruction carefully and make sure :
  • Wiring and mounting position are correct are according to instruction.
  • Auto lighter must work within rated current and voltage.

Technical Data

  • Rated Voltage : 105-305VAC
  • Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Rated Current : 10A
  • Max Load : 1000W, 1800VA
  • Working Environment : 32-122℉ (0℃~50℃
  • Acting time : Turn on in 30 seconds when light level ≦10 Lux
    Turn off in 2 minutes when light level ≧70 Lux
  • Specification :
    Weight : 220g
    Size : 110mm x 90mm x 85mm


  • Install with sensor face up to the sky as show in picture.
  • Window on the sensor should not face potential light sources.
  • Connect wires to circuit as following :
    Load : Red wire
    Common : White wire
    Source : Black wire
  • Mount light sensor to supporting structure with metal support.


  • PHS-06A (Photoelectric controller with socket)
  • PHS-06A-1 (Photoelectric controller only)
  • PHS-06A-2 (socket only)

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