Vibex LSV1 Flocorp Vibrating Level Switches

This universal vibrating level switch is an ideal instrument for accurate point level detection in liquids. Using vibrating fork technology, this device will detect the change in its natural resonant frequency (1.100 Hz) which is driven by an internal piezoceramic element inside the sensor.

The frequency will change when the sensor is covered to a known point on the vibrating fork upon which the sensor will send a switching output. If the vibrating fork is not covered by a liquid, its natural resonant frequency changes back and so do the state of the switching output. Typical applications include washing, filling, cooling and lubricating systems, sump level and bulk holding tank level control.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, compact design
  • Extremely reliable
  • Setup without adjustment or calibration
  • Independent of liquid properties and installation conditions
  • No moving parts, thus wear and maintenance-free
  • External test option using test magnet
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 150º C (302º F)


Electrical Data
Switching Output Type Transistor (For connection to binary inputs of a PLC with an input resistance <100kΩ)
Supply Voltage 10 to 31 VDC
Load Current Max. 250mA (output is overload and permanently short-circuit protected)
Off-State Current (Load Off)  < 10uA
Voltage Drop < 1V
Power Consumption Max  .825W
Protection Class IP66/67
Over-voltage Category  III
Connection Plug M12x1, 4-Pin (See order code for adding the mating – M12 cable)
Measurement Performance (Reference Condition: Density .7g/cm3
Hysteresis 0.08in (2mm) 3mm +/- 5mm
 Switching Point (Nominal) Vertical Installation: 0.51in (13mm) above tip of fork (indicated by a small notch on the outside of the fork paddles)
Horizontal Installation: Center axis of the fork paddle (indicated by an elogated ridge on the outside of the fork paddles) Switching point is in any liquid definitely located on the fork paddle area
Switching Delay On: 0.5s / Off: 0.5s
Application Conditions
 Dielectric Constant [ɛᵣ] No restriction (Suitable for all oils, ie: cutting, grinding and hydraulics oil; collant; erosion dielectric fluid; cleaning and  degreasing agents; solvents; all liquid lubricants; water and water-based liquids)
Conductivity No restrictions
 Density 0.025 to 0.9lbs/in3 (0.7 to 2.5g/cm3) (Not suitable for substances with very low density, ie. propane)
 Dynamic Viscosity 0.1 to 10,000cP (0.1 to 10.000mPa s) (Not suitable for very viscous or adhesive substances)
Solid Content in the Liquid Max. 0.2in (5mm) diameter of solid particles contained in the liquid can be used in slurries
Foam/Air Bubbles Insensitive to foam and air bubbles
  Build-up Avoid situations where a substance coats and dries on the fork, thus creating excessive build- up/caking on the fork or even bridge the fork (ie. dense paper slurries, bitumen)
Application Temperature F: -40º to + 212º or -40º to + 302º C: -40º to + 100º or -40º to +150º
Ambient Temperaure F: -40º to 158º C: -40º to 70º
Temperature Shock No restrictions
Application Pressure  -14.5 to 580 PSI (-1 to 40 Bar)
Mechanical Data
Ingress Protection Rating  M12x 1 plug: IP66/IP67
Connection Size 3/4″ or 1/2″
Thread Type NPT (US) or G (Metric)
Surface Finish [Ra] 1.26in-4 (<3.2um)
Material All Metal Parts  1.4404 (316L)
Other Materials  PEIFlat seal: Klingersil C -4400, Plastic End Cap:

Download Datasheet: Vibex™ LSV1 Vibrating Level Switch, Flocorp-Level Switches


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