Tival Sensors TS-KFA 2 Level detection Sensor

Tival Sensors TS-KFA 2, TDR Level Sensor. This measurement method provides direct, accurate and highly reliable continuous level measurement and level detection in almost any media – regardless of changing process conditions (such as density, conductivity, temperature, pressure, humidity and dust). The sensor can be used in small tanks as well as in large silos or in small or large nozzles.

For this purpose,  electromagnetic pulses of high frequency but low energy, are guided along a conductive probe, which is immersed in the medium to be measured. When these pulses hit the surface of the liquids or solids, portions of the pulse energy are reflected back across the probe.

The electronics calculates the level based on the time difference between the transmitted and reflected pulses. The sensor can provide the level as a continuous gauge over the analog output or convert the reading to a freely positionable switch output. The abbreviation TDR stands for the English name of the measurement method: “Time Domain Reflectometry”.

Tival Sensors TS-KFA 2, TDR Level Sensor Applications

  • Combined precise level measurement and reliable level detection in one device
  • Fast response time of 0.5 sec
  • Suitable for liquids and powdery solids
  • No influences due to fittings in the tank
  • Continuous level measurement and simultaneous level detection

Company profile Tival Sensors

The company TIVAL Sensors GmbH was established in 2005 by Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Linde. Competence in service, a high grade of quality, short delivery times and a fair partnership with our customers and vendors are our corporate goals. We started out with mechanical pressure switches. The family of FF4 pressure switches stands for an extraordinary good and sturdy quality product within the scope of our product range.

Following the technical advancement and the development of the markets, the focus on automation technology was shifted to electronic components. One of our key focuses is on products related to and used in water applications.  These are i.e. pressure transducers with contact outputs; so-called electronic pressure switches, as well as pressure transmitters providing analog output signals.

Equipment for level-monitoring and level-measurement make up a large part of our portfolio. The programme is complemented by products for flow- and temperature-measurement, softstarters (i.e. for pump applications), digital readouts, isolating switch amplifiers and many more.

International approvals for special applications, i.e for explosion endangered environments (pressure, temperature, level), for marine and offshore use (pressure, temperature, level) and for applications in fire protection equipment (VdS, sprinkler-systems) are available.

Our Team of experienced technical and sales staff members serves the customers individually and timely, the well-assorted stock enables short delivery times. Also products important for innovative industries are available from stock. The huge worldwide agreement for our products and the fast service provided is what drives us. We are constantly enlarging our portfolio to also fulfil our customer’s future needs and to carry on with offering a wide range of products and services.

Reference : tival-sensors.com

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