Tival Sensors TS-KNG Joint Lever Transmitter

Tival Sensors TS-KNG Joint Lever Transmitter

Tival Sensors TS-KNG Joint Lever Transmitter, A swivel-mount magnet is attached to the lightweight joint lever with its floater. Fluid level differentials cause corresponding joint lever deflection. Magnet rotation is detected by an analog hall-sensor and altered to a standardized signal by microcontroller. The fluid level allocation can be set  independently and is output by a 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V DC analog output or a frequency signal. Switchpoint programming to recent liquid level(s) is done by usage of a small magnet bit and displayed by LED.

  • Continuous liquid level measurement, also suitable for viscious liquids
  • 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V DC analog output or frequency signal output
  • Optionally available as high temperature version

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Product description Joint lever transmitter TS-KNG

  • High measuring accuracy of liquid levels
  • Joint lever capable of almost 180˚ measuring deflection
  • Suitable for measurement in pressurized holding tanks
  • Simultaneous switching and measuring
  • Output linear to filling level or fill quantity
  • Also suitable for viscious liquids, e. g. oil
  • Flange design allows fast installation and removal
  • Vertical operation suitable
  • Compact and rugged design

Tival Sensors TS-KNG Joint Lever Transmitter Operation

The articulated arm encoder is supplied factory adjusted to customer specifications (please see type code). Apart from that the switchpoint can also be adjusted by using the magnet bit. Mounting above the liquid level prevents swivel wetting which provides a long-lasting operation also with viscious liquids. Top mounting in a holding tank cap is also an option, here special attention for free moving space for joint lever arm must be obeyed. Software and USB adaptor for self programming are available upon request.


Reference : tival-sensors.com

Download : Datasheet

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