CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor AW Lake

CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor AW Lake

CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor AW Lake
CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor

AW Lake is a corporate from United States of America that sell some product such as Positive Displacement Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Tricor Coriolis Flow Meter, Lake Variable Area Flow Meter, Lake Paddle Wheel Flow Meter “Flow Stat”, Monitor&Controllers, Flow Sensor&Pickups. One of the product that comes from the categories of Flow Sensor&Pickups is CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor.

Wiring should be installed by a qualified electrician or instrumentation technician. When dealing with low voltage/power signals from pickups and transmitters, it is important to use a shielded cable between the transmitter and the signal processing unit. A shielded cable will keep most of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) from entering the signal cable and disrupting the signal before it can be processed. A 20-22 gauge 3 or 4 conductor cable with shield is acceptable. Recommended cable: Belden #88723 2 pair stranded, 22 awg Teflon coated cable. This cable is available from AW Flow Meters. When hooking up to instrumentation, connect the shield together with the wire for the signal ground, to the Instrument Ground terminal.

CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor

The CAPM-3 is a Carrier Frequency sensor which means there is no permanent magnet in the pickup, and any magnetic drag on the flow meter is avoided. The CAPM-3 requires a supply voltage between 10 VDC to 30 VDC. A diode in the supply input prevents damage to the module in case the polarity of the supply voltage is wrong. The output signal is a square wave, voltage pulse of approximate amplitude (supply – 1.5 V). The frequency is proportional to the flow rate. For use with HPM-SLG and JVS-SLG gear meters.

• Ensure that the flow meter sensor cavity is free of debris prior to installation.
• Mount the CAPM-3 onto the flow meter and fasten with mounting screws.


  • Meter Compatibility: Used with HPM-SLG and JVS-SLG gear meters
  • Output Signal: Square wave, voltage pulse of approximate aplitude (supply – 1.5V)
  • Sourcing output: PNP type sourcing open collector transistor
  • Intrinsically Safe: Intrinsically safe CAPM-3o version available
  • IS Safe Version: UL & cUL certified for use in Class 1, Div 1 locations

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Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 Volt DC

Supply Current: 9 mA @ 15 Volt, Max 18 mA

Minimum Signal: 0.5 Hz

Signal Output:

  • Square wave,
  • VHigh ≈ VCC – 1.5V VLow ≈ 0V

Duty Cycle: 50%

Frequency Output: Flow dependent, up to 2000 Hz

Load: >500Ω

Driving Capacity: 10 mA Max

Temperature Range: -60°F to 185°F (-50°C to 85°C)

Download Data Sheet: CAPM-3 Carrier Frequency Sensor