Hoffer HO-SA-107R Sanitary Series Flow Controls Turbine Flow Meter

Hoffer Sanitary Series Flow Controls Turbine Flow Meter are designed and manufactured to be compliant with the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard for BPE-2016 for measurement of process liquids where high sanitary standards are required.

Hoffer Sanitary Series Features

  • For sanitary applications.
  • Tri-Clamp end fittings.
  • 11 sizes available, 1/4” thru 3”, covering flow rates for .35 to 650 GPM.
  • Manufactured to be compliant with the ASME Bioprocessing Eqiupment Standard BPE-2016.
  • -40 to +450°F standard operating temperature range.
  • Linearity of ± .5%
  • Repeatability of ± .1%
  • All meter surfaces meet sanitary standards with 32 micro inch finish


  • Sanitary flow measurement of process liquid applications such as pharmacuetical, beverage, etc. in 1/4” thru 3” sizes


  • Accuracy & Linearity : ±0.5% of reading or better.
  • Repeatability : ±0.1% of reading or better.
  • Temperature Range:
    -450°F to +450°F, process fluid with Std. Magnetic pickup coil.
    -40°F to +185°F, process fluid with Redi-Pulse pickup coil.
  • Signal Output : 10 mVRMS or greater into a 10K ohm load at minimum flow rate.
  • Materials of Construction : 316/316L Dual Rated Stainless Steel
    (with exceptions noted below) :
  • Rotor : 17.4 PH SS.
  • Retaining Ring : 15.7 MO PH SS.
  • Bearings : Hard Carbon Composite.
    • Surface Finish : All process contact surfaces are as follows :
    • Mechanically Polished (STD): 30 micro-inch
    • Electropolished (upon request): 25 micro-inch
    • Finer finishes available as an option. Contact factory for details.

Note: To achieve optimum performance of the Sanitary Turbine Flowmeter, a minimum of 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream of meter size pipe must be used.

Download Datasheet : Hoffer Flow Controls Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Reference : hofferflow.com

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