Kofloc Model RK500 Acrilic flow meter

Kofloc Model RK500 Acrilic flow meter

Kofloc Model RK500 Series acrylic resin flow meter is designed for measuring large flow. The flow meter integral with a transparent acrylic panel permits easy reading, coming in two types according to the direction of flow – one from bottom to top and the other on the back side. It can be mounted on a panel with a support metal.

Kofloc Model RK500 Series Features :

  • Lightweight and easy-flow reading The acrylic panel is made integral.
  • Application to water The flow meter can be used for measuring water at up to 75 L/MIN.
  • Low price Simple structure and low price.

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Specification :

Flow Range



Air L/MIN Water L/N
(RK500I, RK500S) 100-700, 100-1400

(RK500VS) 100-700, 100-1400, 400-3000




Accuracy Full Scale ±3%
Material Body Packing Transparent Acrylic Resin, NBR
Float Stainless Steel
Proof Pressure 0.7 MPa
Temperature Resistance 65℃ (MAX)
Connection NPT1
Remarks Models with a valve are S (direction of flow) only.
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