Kytola Model BA Flow Meter

Kytola Model BA Flow Meter

Kytola Model BA Flow Meter is a high quality acrylic flow meter. It is designed for monitoring of low air flow rates. Model BA comes with a built-in flow adjustment valve and rapid fittings for plastic hose. Typical applications are measuring gas flows for analyzers and air purging for enclosures and differential pressure measurements.

Kytola Model BA Flow Meter Features

  • Acrylic body
  • Connections for plastic hose
  • Needle valve

Typical Applications

  • Gas purging for enclosures
  • Gas purging for level measurement
  • Gas purging for differential pressure measurements


  • Special scale markings
  • Hand knob in needle valve
  • Viton® or EPDM seals

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Kytola Model BA Flow Meter Technical Data

Body Acrylic (PMMA)
Valve housing Aluminium
Valve spindle AISI 316
Seals Nitrile (* Viton®, EPDM)
Plug Nylon
Float AISI 316
Accuracy ±10% (F.S)
Max. pressure 10 bar
Max. temperature 75°C
Connections Rapid fitting for hose OD 6 mm / ID 4 mm
Weight 60 g
*) Special construction on request

Download Datasheet: Kytoloa Flow Meter Model BA


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