Sakagami Penta Seal for Cylinder Rod

Sakagami Penta Seal for Cylinder Rod

Sakagami Penta Seal are compatible with those of O-rings specified by the JIS B2401 P line. In addition to the superior sealing performance, PENTA -Seals prevent damage from twisting or rolling.

Sakagami Penta Seal

Sakagami Penta Seal Application:

  • Miniature cylinders.
  • Control valves.
  • solenoid valves.

    HSD Seal for Piston Sakagami Drawing
    HSD Seal for Piston Sakagami Drawing


RGY Hydraulic Seal– Piston & rod packings

The grooves of RGY piston packings and RNY rod packings are compatible with those for the SKY-packings. RGY-packings are designed to withstand back pressure and provide longer service time by adopting an improved wear-resistant material.

RNY rod packings are designed exclusively for sealing rods. RNY rod packings made of a highly elastic compound achieve good sealing performance against eccentric movements.

RNY Hydraulic Seal
RNY Hydraulic Seal

Note :

  • Packings should be installed in the direction specified in the above schematic.
  • Consider adopting divided grooves if one-piece groove is technically adverse.
  • φD H9/f8 would be modified according to the variation of the bearing structure.
  • For applications installed together with wear rings, refer to the dimension table of the applicable wear ring.
  • For information on preferred values of surface finish (roughness).
RNY Hydraulic Seals
RNY Hydraulic Seals
  • Orders and inquiries are accepted on part numbers.
  • Packings with the part numbers in the blue background are stock items.
  • Packings with the part numbers including letter B are the improved strength types and incompatible with the groove of SKY-Packings.
  • Packings are adequately packaged for optimum storage. Refer to “Cautions” in page 2 for the handling and the storage.
  • Both in-house stock and manufacturing tooling availability of items specified in the column “Compatible SKY-Packings” can be referred in pages 26~29, SKY-Packings.

★ Inquiries for HNBR materials :

  • Please specify material code RP903 or RP902 in addition to the standard part number.
  • RP903 is applicable to high temperature operation and to water polyglycol operating fluid.
  • RP902 is the material applicable to both high and low temperature operating conditions.
  • All HNBR products are manufactured on a made-to-order basis.
  • Engraved marks may be variant because some dimensions/items are manufactured by using toolings for different materials.
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