SC Hydraulic Engineering ABD-2, ABD-2S & ABD-5 Series Air Boosters

SC Hydraulic Engineering ABD-2, ABD-2S & ABD-5 Series Air Boosters is a leading manufacturer and designer of an ever growing line of high pressure, air-driven liquid pumps, as well as air and gas boosters which are being used in a variety of industries and applications.

Growing since 1953, we offer liquid pressures as high as 65,000 psig and can exceed 17,000 psig in gas pressures.

General Product Information

  • High Flow Capacity
  • Requires No Lubrication
  • Double Acting, Single Stage
  • Pressures Up To 855-psi (Abd-5)
  • Air Operated – Does Not Require Electricity

The ABD-2, ABD-2S and ABD-5 are double-acting, single stage air boosters in 2:1 and 5:1 ratios. These boosters can supply equipment with added air pressure when plant supplies are depleted due to overuse or under-sizing. The volume available from the boosters is ample for most equipment applications or units can be paralleled for additional capacity.

Applications requiring constant cycling should be sized so that the speed of operation does not exceed 40 cycles per minute (CPM). The easiest way to determine if an application meets or exceeds the recommended operating procedures is to fill out the online Air Booster Worksheet. Someone from our Customer Service Department will contact you ready to provide assistance.


  • Engine air starter systems
  • Top off high pressure tires
  • Release spring actuated brakes
  • Increase maximum torque on small air tools
  • Top off and maintain pressure in die cushions
  • Increase marginal air pressure to valve actuators
  • Extra force for small air clamps, roll tensioners, assembly machines and air presses


Model No. Maximum Rated
Air Supply (Ps)
Maximum Rated
Air Outlet (Po)
Connection Ports Static Outlet
Stall Pressure
Actual Area
Per Stroke
(in3 per cycle)
Air Drive Air Inlet Air Outlet
ABD-2 & ABD-2S 150 psig 300 psig 3/4″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 1/2″ NPT Pa + Ps 2:01 223
10.3 bar 21 bar
ABD-5 150 psig 855 psig 3/4″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 4.7 Pa + Ps 4.7:1 28.2
10.3 bar 59 bar


M202 – Remote Pilot
M205 – Cooling Jacket

Performance Chart

SC Hydraulic ABD-2 AIir Performance Chart
SC Hydraulic ABD-2 AIir Performance Chart

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