ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons

ST Hydraulic Seal -Hydraulic packings for pistons(Installable in one-piece groove)

S-FLON (PTFE) seals and back-up rings are combined to achieve low friction characteristic and of elimination, stick-slip even at low pressure/speed conditions. Moderate sealing performance comparing with U-packings due to the PTFE plastic seals which have higher rigidity and lower elasticity than rubber materials.

A good practice is needed to prevent scars on the delicate surface of S-FLON seals.

  • ST type is applicable to common & general applications with diversified dimensions.

  • STS type is designed for low friction/pressure cylinders, with the small cross-sectional areas.

  • STG type is well accepted by construction machines and heavy machinery sectors.


  • Cylinders for machine tools.
  • Industrial vehicles.

    ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons Drawing
    ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons Drawing

Note :

  • Consider adopting divided grooves if one piece groove is technically adverse.

  • For applications without wear rings, set the φD2 side diameter to φD H9/f8.

  • Install wear rings for φ20 and φ25 together with SWA-Wear rings.

  • ST-Seals with the pressure-introducing notches are also available for the higher sealing effectiveness and reliability.

  • For information on preferred values of surface finish (roughness).

ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons Dimensions
ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons Dimensions

RGY Hydraulic Seal– Piston & rod packings

The grooves of RGY piston packings and RNY rod packings are compatible with those for the SKY-packings. RGY-packings are designed to withstand back pressure and provide longer service time by adopting an improved wear resistant material.

RNY rod packings are designed exclusively for sealing rods. RNY rod packings made of a highly elastic compound achieve good sealing performance against eccentric movements.

RNY Hydraulic Seal
RNY Hydraulic Seal
Note :
● Packings should be installed in the direction specified in the above schematic.
● Consider adopting divided grooves if one-piece groove is technically adverse.
● φD H9/f8 would be modified according to the variation of the bearing structure.
● For applications installed together with wear rings, refer to the dimension table of the applicable wear ring.
● For information on preferred values of surface finish (roughness).
RNY Hydraulic Seals
RNY Hydraulic Seals

★ Orders and inquiries are accepted on part numbers.

★ Packings with the part numbers in blue back ground are stock items.

★ Packings with the part numbers including letter B are the improved strength types and incompatible with the groove of SKY-Packings.

★ Packings are adequately packaged for the optimum storage. Refer to “Cautions” in page 2 for the handling and the storage.

★ Both in-house stock and manufacturing tooling availability of items specified in the column “Compatible SKY-Packings” can bereferred in pages 26~29, SKY-Packings.

★ Inquiries for HNBR materials :

  • Please specify material code RP903 or RP902 in addition to the standard part number.
  • RP903 is applicable to hign temperature operation and to water polyglycol operating fluid.
  • RP902 is the material applicable to both high and low temperature operating conditions.
  • All HNBR products are manufactured on a made-to-order base.
  • Engraved marks may be variant because some dimensions/items are manufactured by using toolings for different materials.
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