AI- Tek Passive Speed Sensor Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor

AI- Tek Passive Speed Sensor Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor has been developed by AI-Tek Instruments for Allison automatic transmissions for trucks ranging from light-duty vans to over-the-road tractors.

It mounts directly on the transmission and employs a unique magnet configuration that induces a magnetic field on the side of the sensor in the path of the rotating transmission gear. This system with its fewer mounting parts improves reliability, reduces weight, and conserves space over the earlier designs.

The Passive Speed Sensors Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor is manufactured in the United States. AI-Tek Instruments Distributors stock the SLS for off-the-shelf maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) requirements.

AI-Tek Instruments (formerly Airpax) manufactures hundreds of different designs of magnetic speed sensors and has been supplying these sensors to the industrial, machine tool, petrochemical, and aerospace industries for over sixty years.

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Many of the speed sensors offered by AI-Tek are designed for special applications that allow us to offer a highly versatile and flexible product line. Browse the speed sensor offerings below.

Control and protection circuits have relied on variable reluctance technology for years. With few components and no moving parts, passive magnetic sensors from AI-Tek Instruments provide consumers with easy to install, flexible, and highly accurate products that are ideal for providing a signal from the inside of an aircraft engine or the hub of an automobile wheel.

It is available for Allison AT, MT, and HT transmissions. The Passive Speed Sensors Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor improves on earlier designs developed for Allison to replace a mechanical speed system.

The Passive Speed Sensors Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor is a variable reluctance device that provides electronic transmission speed inputs to engine control systems and/or electronic dashboards.

AI- Tek Passive Speed Sensor Features

  • High Reliability & Longevity
  • Simple Installation
  • Self-Powered Operation
  • Wide Variety of Shapes & Sizes
  • Easy Alignment
  • Adaptable Any Environment


Weight 55 gm typical
Body Black, molded thermoplastic
All Measurement at 25 °C
Single Coil .67 Volts peak-to-peak, A to B
Dual Coil .35 Volts peak-to-peak, A to B and C to D, Sensing a 16 tooth wheel, 2.208″ diameter at 100 rpm and .040 inch air gap
DC Resistance
Single Coil 3.17K ± 10% ohms
Dual Coil 1206 ± 20% ohms each coil
Single Coil 2.25 H typical
Dual Coil 620 mH typical
Dielectric 1000 VAC between terminals (shorted together) and body for 10 seconds .5 mA maximum leakage current
Operating Temperature -40°C to 150 °C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 150 °C
Single Coil Mates with Packard #12162188 (Use Packard #12034413 seal plug for unused wire holes)
Dual Coil Mates with Packard #12162188

Download Data Sheet: A.I Tek Instrument Passive Speed Sensors Series 70082 – Side Look Sensor


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