APG NLS Series Pneumatic Level Switch

APG NLS Series pneumatic liquid level switch is designed for use in high viscosity liquids. It is modified to overcome the high viscosity by making the tip of the detecting pipe larger than usual.

The NLS is the ideal sensor for applications where electrical power is not available or hazardous conditions exist. Using a diaphragm, the switch is actuated by compression of a captive air column in the detecting pipe beneath the diaphragm. Unique level switch for viscous materials. Viscous and sticky liquids can stop a float switch in its tracks. The NLS is the answer.

Long Life

With few moving parts, only a flexing diaphragm, the NLS pneumatic point level sensor lasts long and is very reliable.

Low Power Operation

The NLS requires no power to operate it sensing elements, and provides a dry contact output.

Field Adjustable

Install a ½ in. pipe of your choosing in the bottom of the sensor housing, protruding past the switch point in the tank. The switch point is easily adjusted by your choice in pipe length.

APG NLS Series Features

  • Low cost – requires only a standard 1/2 in pipe
  • Simple installation
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Long switch life


Operation 1 SPDT switch
Detection Range 8 to 200 in.
Output Contact Rating 250 V, 10 A AC, 115 V, 0.5 A DC (resistive)
Housing Cover ADC12 or SS41
Housing ADC12 or Phenolic
Chamber ADC12, SCS13, or Phenolic
Diaphragm Neoprene® or Viton®
Cable Entry PF ¾ or Gasket 6Ø
Wiring 2 conductor lead wire
Operating Temperature -4 to 158° F
Enclosure Protection IP42/NEMA 4

Download Data Sheet: Pneumatic Level Switch NLS

Ref: apgsensors.com

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