Aplisens APC-2000ALW/L Smart Level Transmitter

Aplisens APC-2000ALW/L Smart Level Transmitter is applicable to measure liquid levels in tanks, deep wells or piezometers. The APC-2000ALW/L probe is applicable to measure levels of liquids containing contaminants or suspensions. A typical use for this probe is the measurement of levels of liquid waste in intermediate pumping stations, fermentation chambers, settling tanks etc. Because in submersible part of level probe is mounted only measuring sensor level probe can be use for measurement hot liquids max. 100°C.

The following metrological parameters can be configured:

  • The units of pressure;
  • Start and end-points of set range;
  • damping time constant;
  • inverted characteristic (output signal 20 ÷ 4 mA).

The communication standard for data interchange with the probe is the Hart protocol. Communication with the probe is carried out with:

Aplisens APC-2000ALW/L Technical Data

Metrological Parameters

  • Accuracy: L±0,16%
  • Long-term stability: <0,16% for 2 years
  • Thermal error: < ±0,1% (FSO) / 10°C max. ±0,4% (FSO) in the whole compensation range
  • Thermal compensation range:
    • -25…100°C
    • -40…80°C special version
  • Output actualization time: 0,5 s
  • Additional electronic damping: 0…60 s
  • Error due to supply voltage changes: 0,002% (FSO) / V

Electrical Parameters

  • Power supply: 10…55 VDC (Exia: 10,5…30 VDC)
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA 2-wires + Hart protocol
  • Resistance required for communication: min. 240 W

Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature range (ambient temp.): -40…85°C
  • Medium temperature range:
    PU, ETEFE-R version: 0…40°C
    ETFE, PU+PTFE version: 0…80°C
    ETFE+PTFE version: 0…100°C

Download Datasheet: Aplisens Smart Level Transmitter APC-2000ALW/L

Reference: Aplisens.com

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