Bamo BJSC Atmospheric Pressure Balanced

Bamo BJSC Atmospheric Pressure Balanced is carried out by means of the cable gland, centered below the fitting. For aggressive chemicals, it is recommended to use the model BJSC-A with a PVDF cable gland. A vent filter on the front of housing, insures a good balance with atmospheric pressure for hydrostatic level sensors.

Bamo BJSC Atmospheric Pressure Balanced Features

  • Head housing in PBT
  • Screwed tap
  • Protection IP 65
  • Filtering aerator for atmospheric pressure balance • Fitting BSP 2”

BJSC includes inside the head:

  • A cable tie to secure the cable.
  • A terminal with screw connectors on a PCB to connect the sensor cable and the extension cable to PLC.


BJSC is designed to hold cable suspended sensors; With its integrated atmospheric pressure balanced housing, it is convenient for hydrostatic level sensors NIVAPRESS, INTERNIV and BAMONIV.

Bamo BJSC Atmospheric Pressure Balanced Specification

Head housing PBT glass fiber reinforced
Protection IP 65 (EN 60.529)
Fitting BSP 2”, polyethylene (black color)
Ambient temperature -20 to +60 °C
Connections Screw connectors, for cables 2.5 mm² max.
Cable glands M20 x 1.5 (cable Ø 5 … 9 mm); 2 cable glands
Materials: BJSC: Polyamide with seal in elastomere (standard)
BJSC-A: PVDF with seal in FPM (acid version)

Download Data Sheet: Level Junction Box, Atmospheric Pressure Balanced BJSC


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