Bamo BRK60 – BRT60 Magnetic Level Contacts

Bamo BRK60 – BRT60 Magnetic Level Contacts

Bamo BRK60 – BRT60 Magnetic Level Contacts with a built-in magnet drives a Reed contact integrated to a PCB inside a casing in ABS, IP55. Electric connections are on screw connectors. Level contacts BRK / BRT are fixed with a collar on the measuring tube of level indicators O.D. 32, 40, 60.3, or 63 mm. See the table Codes & references for compatibilities with actuators.

The contact is bi-stable, change-over with a switching capacity of 60 VA. The contact remains in position after the actuator (float or counterweight) passes in front of the BRK/ BRT. The contact returns to its original position only when the actuator passes back in the other direction.

Bamo BRK60 – BRT60 Features

  • Switching power: 60 VA
  • Bi-stable, change-over contact
  • IP 55 casing, in ABS
  • For tubes of O.D. 32 up to 63 mm
  • High temperature version (BRT)

Accessories: Relay ES 2001

  • Relay ES 2001 increases the switching power of equipment.
  • Pump or valve for filling or draining with 2 level contacts BRK plus 1 relay ES 2001.


Compatible with our counterweights and floats:

  • Remote alarm signals: Rising or drop of liquid level
  • Pump automation with 2 BRK and 1 Relay ES 2001

These devices must not be used on vibrating machines or where there is a risk of shocks or vibrations.

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Bamo BRK60 – BRT60 Specification

Switching power 60VA/230VAC/1A
Contact Reed contact, bi-stable, change-over contact
Casing BRK: ABS; BRT: Aluminum
Protection IP 55
Temperature limits BRK: -40 … +80 °C
BRT: -40 … +200 °C
Collars Standard is stainless steel for tubes O.D. 32, 40, 60.3 or 63


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Download Data Sheet: Magnetic Level Contacts BRK 60 – BRT 60

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