Bamo GNR5 Glass Level Indicator

Bamo GNR5 Glass Level Indicator

Bamo GNR5 Glass Level Indicator includes a borosilicate glass for direct reading of the level. Fittings include stop valves for easy dismounting even when the tank is full. The lower armature has a drain valve. To limit the shocks on the glass tube we recommend the use of a protection screen (transparent PVC). The float in polypropylene has a built-in magnet to actuate the level contacts BSM or BRK, directly fitted on the tube for remote signals (for alarms, monitoring of pump, valves, etc.).

Bamo GNR5 Glass Level Indicator Features

  • Direct reading on the tank
  • Height from 300 up to 2000 mm
  • Materials: Glass and brass
  • Seals: Silicon rubber
  • Option: Adjustable level contacts


  • To read and control the liquid level inside a tank; To monitor the level through remote signals to a pump, solenoid valves and for alarming signals on high and low levels etc.
  • GNR 5 Glass/ Brass is well adapted for clear water and compatible liquids, etc.

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Bamo GNR5 Glass Level Indicator Specification

Measuring tube Borosilicate glass, O.D. 35 mm
Magnetic float GNR 51 PPH (Ø 27 mm, h 160 mm)
Fittings Nickel-plated brass
Seals Silicone rubber
Operating temperature 0… +110 °C
Pressure limit Max. 1 bar
Process fittings Loose flanges, carbon steel, DN 25 PN 10
Or BSP 1”, nickel-plated brass
Measuring height From 300 mm, up to 2,000 mm

Download Data Sheet: Level Indicator, Glass Reading Tube GNR5 – Glass


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