Bamo JE100 Level Electric Gauge

Bamo JE100 Level Electric Gauge

Bamo JE100 Level Electric Gauge Under the thrust of the fluid, the float transmits the level through an angled drive to a vertical stem. The stem is then actuating a potentiometer (resistive output) and/or actuates contacts (alarms). The electric gauge is mounted above the tank. The complete system is supplied ready to install and to use.

Bamo JE100 Level Electric Gauge Features

  • Tank height from 1250 to 3000 mm
  • Transmission: angle drive
  • Fitting: male 2” BSP
  • Head housing: IP67
  • 2 possible functions:
    • With 1 or 2 contacts, potential free
    • With continuous resistive signal (Ω)


These controllers for alarms on low, high levels, and transmitters of continuous level, are designed for indoor or outdoor tanks.

Liquid storage examples

  • Diesel – Lubricating oil
  • Glycol water
  • Rainwater

They are particularly well adapted to use and needs of storage or day-tank on diesel generators located outdoor

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Bamo JE100 Level Electric Gauge Specification

Materials Steel, Nylon
Float: Foamed PVC
On request: Stainless steel (316L)
Flange seal: Cork gasket
Mounting BSP 2”, male fitting
Head housing Nylon, IP67
1 pressure gland 13 mm
Pressure Atmospheric
Temperature Between 0 and 40 °C
Contacts Default setting:
1 or 2 contacts (2 way contact), 10 A, 230 V, potential
HIGH level alarm: 90 %
LOW level alarm : 25 %
On request: Factory adjustment between 20 and 90 %.
Continuous signal output Resistive signal
From 0 to 215 Ω (approx., ±15 %)

Download Data Sheet: Level Electric Gauge JE100


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