Bamo MAXIMAT LW VK Level Leakage Detection Sensor

Bamo MAXIMAT LW VK Level Leakage Detection Sensor

Bamo MAXIMAT LW VK is designed to detect conductive liquids non-electrically conductive. The detection results from the position of a magnet inside the float and a Reed contact inside the probe. It is necessary to use it with a SHR C transducer. The liquids may not generate deposit originating jamming of float.

Bamo MAXIMAT LW VK Features

  • Float level fail-safe detection
  • For aggressive and non electrically conductive liquids
  • Positive active alarm
  • Auto diagnostic system and LED indication when in use with a SHR C transducer
  • Approvals: DIBT Z-65.40-272, for leakage detection, WHG§19 when in use with a SHR C transducer


The MAXIMAT is ideal for permanently survey risks of leakage of a liquid from storage tanks, filling equipment, dosing pumps etc. Convenient to use with non-electrically conductive liquids, oils, emulsified, non-flammable, water endangering liquids. It is a perfect instrument to detect fluid in a double-wall tank. MAXIMAT LW VK operates with liquids of specific weight from 0.7 g/cm3

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Bamo MAXIMAT LW VK Specification

Main power supply: 24 V DC ± 10 %; caution: DC current circuit should be protected by a fuse of 250 mA.
Power consumption: approx. 3 W
Ambient temperature: -20 to +60° C
Operating pressure: atmospheric, 0.8 to 1.1 bar


material: PE-HD
cable: TPK, 2 x 0.5 mm2, shielded
Hysteresis: about 2 mm
Terminal housing: PBT, fibre glass reinforced, IP 65 acc. EN 60 529
Terminals: screw connectors, IP 20; max. wire cross-section 2.5 mm2
Output: to a transducer MAXIMAT SHR C
Cable length 300 m maximum, wire cross section 0.5 mm2 as a minimum
CE mark: in accordance with low-voltage directive (73/23/CEE) and EMC directives (89/336/CEE) and standards EN 50 082-2: 1995, EN 55 011 (class A): 1998
Approvals: DIBT Z-65.40-272, for leakage detection


Download Data Sheet: Level Leakage Detection Sensor MAXIMAT LW VK