Bamo SECURICUVE Level Controller

Bamo SECURICUVE Level Controller

Bamo SECURICUVE Level Controller a float at the bottom of a stem moves a magnet inside the head housing. The fluid maintains the equipment (float, stem, and magnet) in the highest position ”a” (normal status). When the fluid level is going down, the equipment comes in the lowest position, down to block on stopper, position ”b”.

The switch BSM changes from normal status to alarm status. To test the complete system, it is sufficient to push down the float to the lowest position or by draining part of the container. For a safe operating condition, it would be better to test regularly the complete system.

Bamo SECURICUVE Level Controller Features

  • Lack of liquid detection (a drop of level)
  • Positive active detection
  • Compact
  • Easy to test its integrity on site
  • Material: Or PPH or PVDF


  • Level drop detection in tanks of surface-treating process
  • Protection against overheating following evaporation or tank leaking, or default on chemical refilling

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Bamo SECURICUVE Level Controller Specification

Float, stem, bracket, head Or PPH, or PVDF
Temperature max. PPH = 105 °C / PVDF = 140 °C
Pressure Atmospheric
Fitting Bracket in PPH or PVDF, 60×150 mm, 10 mm thick

CONTACT BSM 501 (not included)

Rated voltage 4…250VAC;4V…30VDC
Rated current 1 mA … 3 A (AC or DC)
Switch Microswitch bi-stable, change-over
Connector Plug according DIN 43650
Cable Cross section 1,5 mm² max.
Cable gland PG 13.5
Ambient temperature -20 … +90 °C
Housing Translucent polycarbonate, IP 65

Download Data Sheet: Level Controller SECURICUVE


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