Bamo STS Resistive Level Probes

Bamo STS Resistive Level Probes with a relay ES 2001, detects a level of a conductive liquid. The longest electrode is used as the reference. The electrical contact occurs when the reference electrode and another electrode are both in contact with the liquid. Then, the current in detection loop provoques through the relay ES2001, an amplified ON/OFF signal.

Acid resistant materials: With Hastelloy G30 electrode ends and PVC or PVDF stems, the STS probes are useful for level control of most acids. Other electrode ends such as Tantalum, other stem materials (PTFE or PPH), are available on request.

Bamo STS Features

  • For aggressives and conductive chemicals
  • PVC or PVDF
  • Up to 5 electrodes
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Fixed alarming level


Level control of electrically conductive and corrosive liquids

  • Metal finishing industry
  • Control of presence or absence of liquid (leak detection, empty piping etc.)
  • Pump automation (fill or drain) with ES 2001 relay

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Bamo STS Specification

Number of electrodes 1 2 3 4 5
BSP fitting ¾” 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″ ½
Flange PN 10 ND 25 ND 65 ND 65 ND 65 ND 80
Min. length (L in mm) 50 70 70 70 70
Max. length (in mm) 3000
Temperature See corrosion table
Max. Pressure 4 bar at 20 °C
Head housing In PBT, IP 65
Electrode Hastelloy G30
Stem and fitting PVC (max. 55 °C for water)
PVDF (Max. 110 °C for water)

Download Data Sheet: Resistive Level Probes STS


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