Dinel CLS–23S Submersible Level Sensor

Dinel CLS–23S Submersible Level Sensor is developed as a reliable and low-cost solution for limit level sensing of water (or water solutions) with miniature outer dimensions without the needs of any adjustment. It fully replaces the old type CLS–18S. The connection is done by means of two wires directly to a circuit with a relay or to binary input of the control system.

A level sensor is a device that is designed to monitor, maintain, and measure liquid (and sometimes solid) levels. Once the liquid level is detected, the sensor converts the perceived data into an electric signal. Level sensors are used primarily in the manufacturing and automotive industries, but they can be found in many household appliances as well, such as ice makers in refrigerators.

There are two main classifications for level sensors: point level sensors and continuous level sensors. Point level sensors are designed to indicate whether a liquid has reached a specific point in a container. Continuous level sensors, on the other hand, are used to render precise liquid level measurements. Level sensors can be divided further into invasive and non-contact sensors. Invasive sensors make direct contact with the substance they are measuring, while non-contact sensors use sound or microwaves.

There are many different types of point level sensors, but they are all invasive. One of the most basic point level sensors is the “float switch.” When a liquid level rises or falls in a container, it forces the switch to open or close a circuit. Optical level sensors are comprised of an infrared (IR) emitter and a photodiode. As photoelectric proximity sensors, they detect the presence of liquid by measuring the amount of infrared light that is reflected back into the photodiode.

Capacitance level sensors measure change in capacitance (the ability to store electric charge) to determine liquid levels in tanks. “Tuning fork” sensors use differences in pressure and vibration to measure liquid level.

Dinel CLS–23S Submersible Level Sensor Features

  • For level detection of water in wells, boreholes or tanks
  • Stainless steel protection basket avoids mechanical damages of electrode
  • Two-wire connection directly to the relay circuit or PLC input (current switch)
  • Very easy installation without any adjustment


Supply voltage 6 … 30 V DC
Supply current – OFF state Max. 0.6 mA
Switched current (Min / Max) 3.3 / 40 mA
Remanent voltage – ON state Max. 6 V
Output time delay 0.1 s
Ambient temperature range -20 … +70°C
Housing material Plastic PP
Protection basket material Stainless steel, plastic PP
Protection class IP68 (1 MPa)
Cable PVC 2x 0.75 mm
Weight (without cable) Approx. 0.2 kg

Download Catalog: SUBMERSIBLE LEVEL SENSOR CLS-23S Dinel Level and Flow Measurement

Ref: Dinel.cz

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