Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter TC Fluid Controls

Magnetostrictive Transmitter TC Fluid Controls is easily calibrated and can be controlled in situ or remotely and is unaffected by temperature or corrosion.  The units are manufactured and tested in our facility in Swanley, Kent.

TC Fluid Control has developed a new generation of liquid level transmitters based on the magnetostrictive principle which has considerable advantages over existing level transmitters. Exceptional reliability is a key benefit and these new transmitters will read to the highly accurate level of ± 0.8mm. Easy to calibrate with push button operation or HART® and LCD display, they are not affected by high temperatures, vacuum or foaming contents.

Magnetostrictive Transmitter TC Fluid Controls Features

Operators have the option to use as a stand alone ‘In-Tank’ unit or with the TC

Fluid Control magnetic level gauge to which it can be retro-fitted if required. Used with the magnetic level gauge it will operate on tank temperatures of up to 400OC.

  • 41/2 digit LCD local display – indicates process level measurement.
  • Exia or Exd approval (IECEx and ATEX available).
  • Microprocessor-based 2-wire powered transmitter providing a 4-20mA current output relative to the liquid level.
  • Continuous high accuracy measurement which goes beyond standard monitoring requirements to the accuracy required for inventory management.
  • Stainless steel housing so no corrosion – especially appropriate for offshore and food environments.
  • Other materials available for In-Tank models.
  • Float failure alarm.
  • No media contact (when used with Magnetic Level Gauge).
  • Remote display and control is possible.
  • Lengths of up to 6m as standard and specially engineered options for high pressure capability.
  • Supplied with or without HART® communications.
  • Screw or flange fitting to vessel

Magnetostriction is the change in the dimensions of a material when subjected to a magnetic field.

The measuring process begins with a current pulse. This current generates an axial magnetic field along the length of the wire made of a magnetostrictive material. This is held under tension inside the guide tube. The float, which sits on the liquid surface, is fitted with permanent magnets. When the pulse reaches the float the two magnetic fields interact and a torsional force results.

A torsional stress wave is induced in the wire. A piezoceramic pick-up in the electronics housing at the end of the wire converts this into an electrical signal. By measuring the elapsed time it is possible to determine the start point of the torsional stress wave and therefore the float position with a high degree of accuracy.

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Magnetostrictive Transmitter TC Fluid Controls Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 12-28V dc, polarity protected
  • Signal Range: 4-20mA
  • Cable Entry: 2x threaded to suit M20 Gland
  • Float Failure Alarm: 3.8mA.
  • Calibration: By push button switches or HART®


  • Resolution: +/- 0.8mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.8mm
  • Hysteresis: +/- 1.6mm


  • Minimum Length: 150mm
  • Maximum Length: 6 metres
  • Outer Tube: 14mm diameter 316 Stainless Steel
  • Electronics Housing: St/Stl
  • Protection: IP67
  • Temperature Range:
    Process: -40 to (up to) 250OC (dependent on temperature class)
    Ambient: -40 to +60OC (Ambient temp. limited to -30OC when fitted with LCD display).
    Storage: -40 to +80OC.

For operation at process temperatures outside this range insulation is required between the level gauge
and transmitter.
NOTE: Temperature limitations when used in hazardous areas, see approvals section.


  • Exd: IIC T2-T6 Gb II 2 G
    BASEEFA 09 ATEX0085X IEC Ex BAS09.0027X
    (See I.O.M. for temperature classes and operational considerations).
  • Ex ia: IIC T2-T6 BASEEFA 06 ATEX 0159X II 1G
    IEC Ex BAS 06.0038X
    Ui = 28VDC, Li = 93 mA, Pi = 0.65W, Li = 30 μH, Ci = 0
  • Temperature Class: T2 – T6
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -50 to +60OC (for T class T2-T5)
    -50 to +40OC (for T class T6)
  • Temperature Range for Probe: -40OC to (up to)
    +250OC dependent on T class
  • SIL2 Compliance on request (Model may vary)
  • EMC 2014/30/EU
  • Emissions: EN61326:2004 Class B
  • Immunity: EN61326:2004 parts A1, A2 & A3

When ordering, always specify operating temperature. For other options and details, please consult Sales Office.

Download Datasheet I: TC Fluid Controls Magnetostrictive Transmitter

Download Datasheet II: TC Fluid Controls Magnetostrictive Transmitter


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