Parker FL Series Float level Switch

Parker FL Series Float Switch is a range of vertically mounted, single float level switches operating on the proven reed switch and magnet principle.

Parker FL Series Float Switch Series float switch can be tailored by the user for a particular application, by adjusting the length of the float switch tube. It is also possible for the user to select the switching configuration by inverting the float, giving either open on the rise or close on a rising operation.

Adjustable Float Switch Reservoir Equipment

  • Float switches can be adjusted on site
  • Reliable design using reed switches
  • 3 lengths available, 500mm, 1000mm and 1500mm

The unit is supplied partly assembled, with detailed instructions for the user to complete assembly to the specifications of the application and to install the unit.

The FL Series is designed to be adjusted by the user to fit their tank. The unit consists of a stem with the reed switch and float already set in position. The customer can cut the stem to fit their tank, and assemble it to the header.

The unit is then ready to be fitted to the tank. The unit has a factory set “Open On Rise” switching configuration, but this can be changed by reversing the float.

Note: FL Series switches supplied as loose parts so no IP class applies. If assembled correctly by the customer, the IP class is IP67


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Parker FL Series Float Switch Specification :


Mounting: 1″ BSP threaded Header
Gasket: 2.0 mm thick sealing washer
Length: Adjustable up to 1500m
Electrical specification
Supply voltage: 40 Vac maximum
300 Vdc maximum
Switching current: 12.05 AM

Material specification

Header Brass Stem Brass
Float Polypropylene Gasket lingerie grade C4324 to BS7531 grade Y

Other Parameter

Fluid types Any liquids compatible with brass and polypropylene

Ordering Information

Part number Supersedes Description
FL050010R FL-0500-1-0R 500 mm long float level
FL100010R FL-1000-1-0R 1000 mm long float level
FL150010R FL-1500-1-0R 1500 mm long float level

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