Ultra 3 Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Measurement

Ultra 3 Pulsar's Ultrasonic Measurement
The 4 versions of Ultra 3

Ultra 3 provides reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level, volume, open channel flow measurement and pump control. The Ultra 3 controller benefits from Pulsar’s DATEM, advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement.

Available in 4 different versions to suit your installation requirements.

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  • 3 relays
  • IP64 or IP65 depending on mounting option chosen
  • Easy menu driven set-up – see Ultra Wizard section below



Mounting option: Wall Mount Fascia Mount Rack Mount Panel Mount
Sensor body dimensions: 188 x 160 x 107mm (7.4 x 6.3 x 4.2in) 200 x 112 x 108mm (7.87 x 4.4 x 4.25in) 10HP x 160Dmm x 3U (128.5Hmm) 72W x 144H x 176Dmm
Sensor body weight: Nominal 1kg (2.2lbs) Nominal 1.3kg (2.86lbs) Nom. 0.8kg (1.7lbs) Nom.1.4kg (3lbs)
Enclosure material/description: Polycarbonate, flame resistant to UL91 Stainless steel back, Polycarbonate UL94-V0 front and bezel Aluminium frame ABS
Cable entry detail: 8 cable entry knock outs 1 x M16, 3x M20 underside 4 x 18mm dia (PG11) at rear 8 cable entry knock outs 1 x M16, 3x M20 underside 4 x 18mm dia (PG11) at rear N/A N/A
Enclosure protection: IP65 IP64 None IP65 optional

(All Mounting Options)


Transducer cable extensions: 2-core screened
Maximum separation: Up to 1000m (3280ft)


Max. and min. temperature (electronics): -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +120°F)


CE approval: Listed in the Certificate of Conformity within the manual
Flammable atmosphere approval: Safe area: compatible with approved dB transducers


Accuracy/Repeability: 0.25% of the measured range or 6mm (whichever is greater)
Resolution: 0.1% of the measured range or 2mm (whichever is greater)
Min. & max. range: 0 – 40m (131ft). Dependent on sensor used. Ability to measure 50m (164ft) with dB50 when modified.
Rate response: Fully adjustable
Echo processing: DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement)


Analogue output: Isolated (floating) output (to 150V) of 4-20mA or 0-20mA into 500Ω (user programmable and adjustable) 0.1% resolution
Digital output: Full Duplex RS232
Volt free contacts, number & rating: 3 form “C” (SPDT) rated at 5A at 240Vac
Display: 6 digits plus 12 character text, plus bargraph with direction indicators, remote communicator identifier and program/run/test mode indicators


On-board programming: By integral keypad
PC programming: Via RS232
Programming security: Via passcode (user selectable and adjustable)
Programmed data integrity: Via non-volatile RAM, plus backup


Power supply: 115Vac +5% / -10% 50/60Hz, 230Vac +5% / -10% 50/60Hz, 18-30Vdc, 10W maximum power (typically 6W)
Fuses: 100mA at 170-240Vac, 200mA at 85-120Vac

Download Datasheet: Ultra 3 Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Measurement

Reference : http://www.pulsar-pm.com