AW-Lake CAPM-2 Carrier Frequency Sensor

AW-Lake CAPM-2 Carrier Frequency Sensor is a Carrier Frequency sensor, which means there is no permanent magnet in the pickup, and any magnetic drag on the flow meter is avoided. The CAPM-2 requires a supply voltage between 10 VDC and 30 VDC.

A diode in the supply input prevents damage to the module in case the polarity of the supply voltage is wrong. The output signal is a square wave, voltage pulse of approximate amplitude (supply – 1.5 V). The frequency is proportional to the flow rate. For use with JV-CG and JV-KG meters (not for use with aluminum meters).

AW-Lake CAPM-2 Carrier Frequency Sensor Features:

  • Meter Compatibility: Used with JV-CG and JV-KG meters (not for use with aluminum meters)
  • Output Signal: Square wave, voltage pulse of approximate aplitude (supply – 1.5V)
  • Sourcing Output: PNP type sourcing open collector transistor
  • Intrinsically Safe: Intrinsically safe CAPM-2o version available
  • IS Safe Version: UL & cUL certified for use in Class 1, Div 1 locations


  • Ensure that the flow meter sensor cavity is free of debris prior to installation.
  • Screw the CAPM-2 into the flow meter by hand until the sensor nose contacts the bottom of the cavity.
  • Do not screw in harder than hand tight, as a thin metal section is under the sensor nose

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  • Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
  • Supply Current: 9 mA @ 15 Volt, Max 18 mA
  • Minimum Signal: 0.5 Hz
  • Signal Output:
  • Square wave
    • VHigh ≈ VCC – 1.5V
    • VLow ≈ 0V
  • Duty Cycle: 50%
  • Frequency Output: Flow dependent up to 2000 Hz
  • Load: >500Ω
  • Driving Capacity: 10 mA Max
  • Temperature Range: -60°F to 185°F (-50°C to 85°C)

Download Data Sheet: CAPM-2 Carrier Frequency Sensor


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