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Flow Meter DFM is designed for fuel consumption measurement in fuel lines of vehicles and stationary machines, also for operating time monitoring in different working modes of engine. DFM fuel flow meter is used for consumption measurement of the following fluids :

  • Diesel fuel.
  • Heating oil.
  • other liquid fuels and mineral oils with a kinematic viscosity of 1.5 to 6 mm2/s.

DFM is a tool for direct measurement of fuel consumption, which is used as a part of a GPS tracking system, vehicle telematics system or as a stand-alone (autonomous) solution for fuel consumption monitoring.

Fuel Flow Meter

One-chamber DFM fuel flow meters are mainly intended for small and medium engines with indirect injection fuel system. The fuel flow meter is an accurate device for fuel consumption monitoring. DFM can be used both as a part of a vehicle tracking system and as a stand-alone solution.

Installed directly to an engine, real-time fuel information provides constant visibility and, when paired with two-way telematics, permits unrivaled control of engine modes and fuel usage. Historical data can be used to locate fleet outliers, idling, and count engine working hours as well as highlight signs of maintenance or repair issues.


  • Fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Engine performance monitoring and pro-actively signal maintnance.
  • Smart fuel management to optimize costs and lower emissions.
  • Precise measurement of engine working hours and fuel consumption in Idle or Overload modes.

Fuel flow meter DFM is designed for diesel fuel consumption measuring in the fuel line of the following vehicles :

  • Tractors of various types;
    • Loaders;
    • Bulldozers;
    • Earthmoving equipment;
  • Boilers;
  • Vessels;
  • Burners;
  • Technological transport;
  • Stationary objects with diesel engines;
  • Diesel generators, etc.


  • DFM allows receiving accurate data on actual fuel consumption and vehicle operating time.
  • Flowmeter also helps to reduce fuel and repair costs and to predict fuel consumption for individual sections and technological operations.
  • Economic effect from the use of fuel monitoring devices differs from company to company but usually stands from -10% to -40%, depends on the initial situation and personnel management.

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