Fcon CUBE MFC Digital Mass Flow Control

Fcon CUBE MFC Digital Mass flow controller 1000 series and control power supply are all-in-one compact flow control unit. It can be used by connecting the gas fitting and power outlet. The suppression of Flow surge (overshoot) at the start (Requires more than 30 seconds of the interval).

Fcon CUBE MFC Features

  • Input & Output Signal : Analog (0~5VDC).
  • Equipped with monitor terminal for setting/output voltage on the back.
  • This product is ideal for use on the desktop, space-saving.
  • If you mount the main body and set the operation part in the panel cut part, it can be incorporated in various kinds of equipment.
  • Compact and lightweight integral unit
  • Easy flow Measuring / Controlling
  • Flow rate display and setting functions
  • SET / OUT switching function
  • External output terminals are provided on the rear


Model CUBE MFC 1005 / 1020 / 1030 / 1050 / 1100
Gases Most gases (e.g., air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium, methane, oxygen)
Valve type Normally Open
Flow range* 10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500SCCM
Flow rate control range 5-100% F . S.
Accuracy ±2%F. S. ( Accuracy guaranteed between 15-35°C)
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S
Response speed ≦6sec
Operating differential pressure 50-300kPa (conform to built-in Mass flow controller specification)
Pressure Resistance 1MPa (G)
Leak Integrity 1×10-7Pa•m3/ sec (He)
Operating temperature 5-50°C less than 85% RH
Wetted surface material SUS316, PTFE, Fluoro-Rubber
Seal material Fluoro-Rubber
Setting signal 0.25-5VDC
Output signal 0-5VDC
Standard fitting** 1/4in. SWL (equivalent), One-touch fittings
Mass flow control 10-turn potentiometer
Display Instantaneous flow
Input power AC100 – 240V
Output terminal Setting the signal /Output signal
  • At F CON, flow rates (SCCM, S LM) are converted to values at 0ºC, 1 01.3kPa abs (1atm) for calibration.
    • For other fittings, please contact us.

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