Delta Elektrogas VF VFT VFH Butterfly Valves for Air and Gas

Delta Elektrogas VF, VFT, and VFH butterfly valves are designed for regulation and control of gas flow and air flow in combustion processes. Valves can be operated manually using a lever (to setup the high-fire rate of the burner) or automatically using a servomotor (modulating or staged control) or a solenoid actuator (two-stage control).


  • Valves are made of aluminum (VF/VFT types) or cast-iron (VFH type), with wide range of threaded connections and for installation between EN 1092 flanges.
  • Possibility to have one-size or two-size reductions of the nominal diameter for VF/VFT types.
  • Suitable for use with air and non-aggressive gases according to EN 437 (VF/VFT types); heated air and flue gas (VFH type).
  • Low leakage when valve is in closed position (VFH type provided with butterfly disc stop).
  • The VFH type is provided with a double-eccentricity disc and a spring to reduce the backlash. This results in a high precision adjustment and avoids valve floating.
  • Operated by manual lever, servomotor or by solenoid actuator.
  • All components are designed to withstand any mechanical, chemical, thermal condition occurring during typical service. Effective impregnation and surface treatments have been used to improve mechanical sturdiness, sealing, and resistance to corrosion of the components.


Connections Threaded from Rp3/4 to Rp2
according to ISO 7-1
From DN40 up to DN150
for fitting between two flanges
according to EN 1092 PN16
From DN40 up to DN200
for fitting between two flanges
according to EN 1092 PN16
Rotation angle 0 / 90° adjustable 0 / 90° adjustable
Ambient temperature -15°C … +60°C -15°C … +60°C
Media type Air and non-aggressive gases according EN 437 Heated air and flue gas
Max. media temperature +60°C
+200°C for use with air only (special version on request)
+450°C with dissipators (optional kit)
Max. Operating pressure 500 mbar (50 kPa) 150 mbar (15 kPa)
Max. Pressure loss @Vmax 150 mbar (15 kPa) 45 mbar (4,5 kPa)
Flow rate See Datasheet See Datasheet
Materials in contact with fluid Aluminium alloy
Copper alloy
Stainless steel
Nitrile rubber (NBR)
Fluoro elastomer (FPM)
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Driving systems and actuators – square shaft 8
– round shaft Ø10
– manual lever
– solenoid SR/SL/ST
– servomotor MZ
– servomotor MZ with lever
– manual lever
– solenoid SR/SL/ST
– servomotor MZ

Download Datasheet: Delta Elektrogas VF-VFH Butterfly Valves

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