Kofloc Model 2400D Needle Valve

Kofloc Model 2400D Series | Kofloc Multiple Rotation Type Large Capacity Simplified Needle Valve

Needle Valve Model 2400D Series

Kofloc valve Of all our products with a very small flow controlling function, this is a comparatively large flow control valve. This is a low-cost needle valve with a simple structure.


  • Precision machining ensures satisfactory control characteristics.
  • In comparison with commercial simplified types, the number of revolutions of this needle valve is a maximum of 12 revolutions, permitting very smooth flow control.

Standard Specifications

  • The number of turns of regulating screw: Approx. 8–10 turns
  • Needle: 2 types
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1 Mpa
  • Materials of parts in contact with fluids :
    • (A) Al, brass, NBR, POM, SUS303
    • (S) SUS304, FKM, fluorocarbon resin, SUS303
  • Connection end: Rc 3/8, Rc ¼
  • Fluids: Gas and liquid
  • Rated flow ranges: See the table below.

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