Hengesbach Magnetic-inductive Flow Meter Volumtec

Hengesbach Magnetic-inductive Flow Meter Volumtec is for the measurement / dosing of flow and Volume of all conductive liquids from 5 µS / cm designed with high hygienic requirements. Thanks to its compact, reduced and equally effective design, made entirely of stainless steel, as well The electrical features of the VOLUMTEC meet the demands of modern flow measurement at a high level.

Also for applications with small pulsating flows, e.g. in systems with piston pumps, that is VOLUMTEC can be used due to its special electronics, since the signal is smoothed.

The integrated monitoring processes of the entire measurement chain not only result in a reliable, but also a very precise measurement – officially confirmed by the European OIML certificate – and thus perform an essential Contribution to the monitoring and optimization of the production processes.

A special function enables initiation an inspection routine to document the process safety in a quality certificate. A rotatable display integrated as standard ensures not only during the commissioning phase constant observation of the measured values ​​and therefore the process, but also a quick and easy one Can be operated without opening the device.

Text messages and the flow profile are shown on the graphic display, this and the “Quick Start” – Menus are useful for commissioning. In inaccessible installations, the activation of the Bluetooth interface is positive, as is the case with the Change of parameters or their readability.

Hengesbach Magnetic-inductive Flow Meter Volumtec Features:

  • Construction according to hygienic design standards, all – stainless steel, protection class IP 67
  • Nominal diameter: DN10 – DN150 flow range: 20 l/h – 640 m³/h
  • Pressure range: 0,1 – 11 bar abs. accuracy: typ ±0,25 %
  • Measurement in both flow directions
  • Pulse- and analog output 4-20 mA, active or passive
  • Adjustability of the illuminated LC-Display
  • Self-monitoring and, if necessary, automatically readjusting electronics
  • Process sonnection: aseptic-flange with modular connection system for pipe adapters


General information
Device type VOLUMTEC magnetic-inductive flow-measuring device for liquid media
Flow range 30l/h … 640m³/h (depending on the nominal diameter)
Pressure range 0.1 … 11bar abs. (PN 10)
Control input 3…32V DC, Ri < 3,2 kΩ
Flow output 0/4…20mA, active or passive, load max. 500Ω
Impulse output (volume) 2x opto-coupler, 24 V / 20mA, max. 1000Hz
Status output Opto-coupler, ready, fault, direction
Measuring accuracy
Typical accuracy ± 0.20% FS
Conditions for use
Medium temperature Compact:   0…100°C permanent temperature, 130°C max. for 30 minutes
Separate: 0…120°C permanent temperature
Environmental temperature -25 … + 55°C
Storage temperature -25 … + 55°C
Minimum conductivity medium Compact version ≥ 5µS/cm
Separate version ≥ 15µS/cm, or see connection cable
Upstream ≥ 5 x DN
Downstream ≥ 3 x DN
Protection class EN 60529 IP67, standard
Grounding resistance < 10Ω
Electromagnetic compatibility according to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
 Design configuration 
Process connection modular connection system with aseptic collar flange according to DIN11864-2 Form A
Process connection adapter welded necks for pipes according to DIN 11850 , threaded necks and conical connections
with grooved union nut according to DIN11851, clamp, etc.
Materials for compact and separate version housing: 304
in contact with product: Electrodes 316L
PFA measuring pipe lining (FDA)
seal: on process side: EPDM (FDA)
Surface roughness housing Ra ≤ 2.5µm
measuring pipe lining Ra ≤ 0.8µm
Nominal diameter DN10 … DN150
electrical connection 3x cable clamp M16x1,5
Connection cable for separate version shielded cable: 2×0,5mm² F-CYOZ, 4×0,5mm² LIYCY-0
Display graphics LCD display 46 x 23 mm, illuminated
Longer connection cable for separate version
max. 5m conductivity from 15-50µs/cm
max. 20m conductivity from 50-200µs/cm
max. 50m conductivity from > 200µs/cm
Auxiliary energy
Supply voltage DC version: 9…32V DC
AC version: 100…240V AC, 50…60 Hz
Power input 7W
Configuration interfaces
Interface CS3-BUS / RS485
Radio connection Bluetooth
Class 2

Download Data Sheet: Magnetic-inductive flow meter Volumtec

Ref: hengesbach.com

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