Kofloc RK1360 Precision Flow Meter for Laboratory

The easy-to-handle kofloc RK1360 flow meters for laboratory use is ideal for high-precision measurement and control of very small flow.


  • Calibration with actual standard gases for high-precision flow control.
  • Control of very small flow
  • Measurement of wide-ranging flow from 0.5–5 ML/MIN to 3–30L/MIN
  • The flow meters come in four types with a total length of 126, 156, 206, or 256 mm.


Gas Liquid
Fluids Air,N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,CO2 (Calibration with actual gas) Standard fluid (Water)
For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion For other liquids, please consult us regarding conversion
conditions or calibration with the actual gas to be used. conditions or calibration with actual liquid to be used.
* Option: Scales for two types of fluids
Flow range 0.5-5ML/MIN to 3-30L/MIN 0.5-5ML/MIN to 0.1-1L/MIN
(Refer to the Capacity List on page 55.) (Refer to the Capacity Table on page 55.)
* Option: 0.5–3 ML/MIN * Option: 0.5–3 ML/MIN
Accuracy FS ±2% (Measurement point) FS ±2% (Measurement point)
* Option: FS ±1% (Measurement point)
Proof pressure 100 ML/MIN or less: 1.0 MPa 5 ML/MIN or less: 1.0 MPa
5 L/MIN or less: 0.7 MPa 150 ML/MIN or less: 0.7 MPa
10 L/MIN or more: 0.5 Mpa 200 ML/MIN or less: 0.5 Mpa
Available scale 10:1 * Option 20:1
Material SS BS
Body block SUS316 Brass
Tapered tube Pyrex®, glass
Packing FKM NBR
Float Pyrex®, SUS316, glass
Protective cover Acrylic resin
Temperature resistance MAX60℃
End connection Rc 1/4 (Standard), Rc 1/8 (Optional)

Download Datasheet: KOFLOC RK1360 Presicion Variable Area Flow Meter


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