Ryuki EA Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Instantaneous flow rate indication and integrated flow rate displays are available for small flow rates of gas and water. The flow rate is output as a 2-wire DC4 to 20mA signal. The straight pipe is built-in and stable. The transmitter is a compact body of approximately 600g and is compact and lightweight. An LCD display with backlight is easy to see. Tube fitting can be connected. AIR flow: Series from 1NL / min to 500NL / min.

General specifications

Caliber R1 / 8, R1 / 4, R3 / 8, R1 / 2
Tube fitting 6A, 8A, 10A, 15A
fluid AIR, N2, Ar, WATER, etc.
pressure max700kPa
temperature max70 ℃
Body material SUS304
accuracy FS ± 3% or less
Power supply DC24V
output 2-wire DC4-20mA
Protective structure IP65

Model code (please tell us when making an inquiry)

fluid Port size Tube fitting
EA -□ -R □ -□
A [AIR] 1/8: R1 / 8 0: None
W [Wed] 1/4: R1 / 4 6A: φ6 * φ4
3/8: R3 / 8 8A: φ8 * φ6
1/2: R1 / 2 10A: φ10 * φ8
1/2: R1 / 2 15A: φ12 * φ10
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