Ryuki EW Differential Pressure Flowmeter


Ryuki EW Differential Pressure Flowmeter Instantaneous flow rate and integrated flow rate can be measured.LCD display with backlight. Can measure up to 300A


Measuring fluid Liquid, water, industrial water
Gas Air, nitrogen, etc.
Flow measurement range 1: 5
Output signal DC4 ~ 20mA
Power supply 2-wire DC24V
Load resistance 500Ω
Maximum pressure 2MPa
Measuring fluid temperature -10 ℃ ~ 90 ℃
Transmitter mass 600g
Connection method Flange type (JIS 5k JIS10k)
Port size 25A ~ 300A
accuracy Within ± 3% FS
Block material SUS304, SUS316, BS (brass)
Orifice material SUS304, SUS316
Flow direction Right → left
Field indicator LCD3 1/2 digit
On-site accumulator LCD 6 digits

Reference: http://www.ryuki.jp

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