Signet 2540 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Signet 2540 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor offers the strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel for liquid applications with low velocity measurements. Unique internal circuitry eliminates the need for magnets in the process fluid, enabling flow measurement of 0.1 to 6 m/s (0.3 to 20 ft/s) while maintaining the advantages of insertion sensor design. Ultraflon 500C bearings and Tungsten Carbide pin provide exceptional wear resistance.

The Signet 2540 offers field replaceable electronics and transient voltage suppression (TVS) to provide greater immunity to large voltage disturbances (i.e. lightning) sometimes encountered in field wiring. Sensors can be installed in DN40 to DN600 (1½ to 24 in.) pipes using the 1½ in. or ISO 7/1-R 1.5 threaded process connection.

The sensors are also offered in a hot-tap configuration with a bleed valve service without process shutdown in pipes up to DN900 (36 in.). Both styles of sensors must be used in full pipes and can be used in low pressure systems.

Signet 2540 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Features

  • Operating range 0.1 to 6 m/s (0.3 to 20 ft/s)
  • Field replaceable electronics
  • Non-magnetic RF detection
  • Standard NPT or ISO process connections
  • Hot-tap versions for installation/service without system shutdown
  • For pipe sizes up to DN900 (36 in.)
  • Adjustable sensor – one size for entire pipe range
  • 7.6 m (25 ft) cable


  • HVAC
  • Turf Irrigation
  • Cooling Systems
  • Filtration Systems
  • Water Distribution
  • Leak Detection
  • Pump Protection
  • Clarifi ed Effl uent Totalization
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Gravity Feed Line

Signet 2540 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Specifications

Operating Range 0.1 to 6 m/s 0.3 to 20 ft/s
Pipe Size Range Standard Version DN40 to DN600 1½ to 24 in.
Hot-Tap Version DN40 to DN900 1½ to 36 in.
Sensor Fitting Options 1½ in. NPT threads ISO 7/1-R 1.5 threads
Linearity ±1% of full range
Repeatability ±0.5% of full range
Min. Reynolds Number Required 4500
Wetted Materials
Body 316 stainless steel (1.4401)
Fitting 316 stainless steel (1.4401)
Fitting O-rings FKM, optional EPR (EPDM)
Rotor 17-4PH-1 Stainless Steel
Rotor Pin Tungsten Carbide GRP 1 (standard) stainless steel (optional)
Retainers (2) 316 stainless steel (1.4401)
Rotor Bearings (2) Carbon fi ber reinforced PTFE
Frequency 49 Hz per m/s nominal
Power 5 to 24 VDC ±10%, regulated, 1.5 mA max.
Output Type Open collector, sinking, max 10.0 mA
Cable Length 7.6 m (25 ft), can be extended up to 305 m (1,000 ft)
Cable Type 2-conductor twisted-pair with shield, 22 AWG
Max. Temperature/Pressure Rating
Sensor with standard FKM sensor fi tting O-rings 17 bar @ 82 °C 250 psi @ 180 °F
Sensor with optional EPR (EPDM) sensor fi tting O-rings 17 bar @ 100 °C 250 psi @ 212 °F
Operating Temperature -18 °C to 100 °C 0 °F to 212 °F
Shipping Weight 3-2540-1/-2/-1S/-2S 1.79 kg 3.9 lb
3-2540-3/-4/-3S/-4S 2.15 kg 4.7 lb
Standards and Approvals CE, FCC
RoHS compliant, China RoHS
Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety

Download Datasheet: Signet 2540 Stainless Steel High-Performance Paddlewheel Flow Sensor


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