Sonic ULF-300S Separate Ultrasonic Micro Liquid Flow Meter

Sonic ULF-300S Equipped with LCD monitor. Instalation to exixting facilities without extra cost. μLF-300S Integrated anti-bubble filter


  • Non-contact sensing
  • Fast rensponse
  • Fluoroplastic tube
  • No pressure loss
  • Compact design
  • Straight tube for flow path


  • Semiconductor
  • General purpose engine
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction machinery
  • Automobile


Model μLF-300S(Converter)+μLT-304I μLF-300S(Converter)+μLF-308I
Measurement method Ultrasonic transit time
Pipe material PFA (Fluororesin)
Nominal diameter Ø1/4 inch Ø1/8 inch
Pipe lenght 180 mm
Application liquid Water, Aqueous solution, Oil, Chemical liquid
Liquid Termperature 15ºC to 60ºC,no condensation
Measurement range 0 ml/min to 4000 ml/min 0 ml/min to 1000 ml/min
Accuracy ±0.5%RD ±0.5%RD
800∼4000ml/min 200∼1000ml/min
±4ml/min, less than 800ml/min ±1ml/min, less than 200 ml/min
Reproductivity ±0.2% (Liquid temperature ±0.5 ºC, 30 sec averaging)
Resolution 0.1ml/min
Response 10msec
Power supply DC 24V ± 10%
Power dissipation less than 3.6W
Weight 240g (convertor)


Model μLT-304I μLF-308I
Pipe material PFA (Fluororesin)
Nominal diameter Ø1/4 inch (OD 6.45mm, ID 4.35mm) Ø1/8 inch (OD 3.17mm, ID 2.17mm)
Protection rating IP65 Equivalent
Cable lenght 5m (Max. 30m)
Weight 70 g

Data Interface

Digital input/output 4 wired RS-422, 4 wired RS-485
Analog Output 4-20mA (Instantaneous fow rate), Lord resistance less than 500Ω
Integrated pulse output 1 ch (open collector)
Alarm output 1 ch (open collector)
Contact input 1 ch (Zero flow setting pr integrated value clear)


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