Bamo Metallic CDA Flow Controllers


Bamo Metallic CDA Flow Controllers, on a vertical or horizontal pipe, of a liquid free of particles. An orifice plate with a magnet is pushed by the fluid to monitor, in a cylindrical tube. A compensating spring insures the equilibrium of plate and allows the mounting in any position.

A Reed contact is adjustable all along the scale, its status changes with the passage of the magnet. With these equipment, the CDA operates independently of the pressure, even in low flow rates. CDA flow controllers must be installed away from any magnetic field. All ferromagnetic parts, must be at a minimum distance of 10 cm.

Bamo Metallic CDA Flow Controllers Features:

• Operates in all positions
• With 1 adjustable contact
• Versions: Stainless steel or brass
• Pressure: Up to 350 bar
• Ranges: between 0.005 …150 l/min


Cooling circuit monitoring, high pressure washing piping, dry-run pump prevention, etc.

Bamo Metallic CDA Flow Controllers Specification:

Temperature -20 … +100 °C (On request: up to 160 °C)
Operating ranges l/min of water at 20 °C
Accuracy ±10 % Full range
Pressure drop Fitting 1″: 0.02 … 0.4 bar
Fitting ½”: 0.02 … 0.3 bar
Fitting ¼”: 0.02 … 0.2 bar
Contact Standard: N.O. whithout flow
Hysteresis ≈1.5 mm
Connector IP 65; DIN 43650; C shape
Brass model Pressure limits 250 bar (Fittings 1″)
300 bar (Fittings ½” and ¼”)
Main parts Body: Nickel-plated brass; other wet parts: brass
Spring AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Seals NBR
Magnet Hard ferrite
Stainless steel model 300 bar (Fittings 1”)
Pressure limits
Main parts 350 bar (Fittings ½” and ¼”)
Spring Body, other wet parts: AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Seals AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Magnet FPM
Hard ferrite

Download Data Sheet: Flow Controllers, Metallic CDA


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