Kofloc ND Vane Wheel Flow Sensor

Kofloc ND Vane Wheel Flow Sensoris rotated in proportion to the flow rate. A magnet is installed on the vane wheel, and the number of rotations is detected and output by the magnetic sensor. The structure of this flow sensor is simple and indestructible. This flowsensor operates smoothly from low flow rate range. In addition, the performance is excellently reproducible.

Kofloc ND Vane Feature

  • Ideal for measuring various liquids
  • Best-selling products with high quality at a low price
  • Excellent repeatability.
  • Suitable for batch control
  • Lineup of 3 different wetted materials

Liquid flow range

  • 0.3~3L/min
  • 1.0-10L/min
  • 1.5~20L/min
  • 3.0~60L/min

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  • Accuracy: ±2%RS (Standard installation position)
  • Fluid Viscosity Range: 0.5~1.5mPa・s (Equivalent to water)
  • Working Pressure: 1MPa (Liquid temperature at 20℃)
  • Spec. of Output: 
  • NPN open collector pulse Voltage: 24V DC Current: 6mA DC
    Duty ratio: 3: 7 < ON: OFF <7 : 3
  • Cable Lead-wire length: Approx. 600 mm 4 core AWG26 Flat cable
  • Installation Position: The CE mark on the nameplate shall be horizontal to the floor and facing upward. (Air intrusion shall be avoided.)
  • Flow Direction:  Arrow direction indicated on the product
  • Protection Level: Indoor use (Equivalent to IP X4)
  • Power Supply: 3~24V DC
    Sensor power supply (Red – Black) and pulse output (Blue/White-Black) shall be the same.
  • Consumption Current: 5 mA DC or less

Download Datasheet: Kofloc ND Vane Wheel Flow Sensor

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